Central Plastic and Rubber Company in Phoenix specializes in high-quality, purpose-designed products for food service merchandising and sanitary food handling.  Central Plastic’s range of offerings are attractive, practical, durable, economical, and, most importantly, designed to maintain the highest levels of food safety.

Since the company’s founding in 1960, Central Plastic has been an innovator of new plastic and rubber products for hundreds of applications. Central Plastic collaborates with individual and national customers to find custom solutions for particular challenges.

Central Plastic and Rubber’s Food FXTRS® collection encompasses products to help with food storage, preparation, display, and organization. The FXTRS line includes plastic-based and rubber products such as pastry cases, sneeze guards, condiment centers, bag holders, sheet trays, and more. 

Central Plastic's custom cutting board choices are among their most popular products for food handling.

Central Plastics Custom Cutting Board Options

Custom cutting boards are a necessary part of food preparation. The essential criteria for an ideal cutting board includes being sanitary, durable, difficult to scratch, and easy to clean.

Central Plastic offers two custom-produced cutting boards solutions. These are:

  • Richlite Cutting Boards
  • Poly Cutting Boards

Both of these options fulfill the requirements for safe and sanitary food cutting.

Richlite Custom Cutting Boards

Richlite is a highly sustainable and durable material that works well in food service and cutting board applications. In simple terms, the Richlite product is made from recycled paper and phenolic resin, then molded and baked into the desired form. The material has a surface density similar to stone and is heat, stain, and scratch resistant.

Richlite will not melt, warp, or burn and can be used  for many years. Because they are  far more dense than wood, these cutting boards are superior to traditional wooden boards. Wood is likely to scratch and groove during use, which creates an ideal home for harmful bacteria.

Central Plastic will custom size the ½”-thick Richlite Custom Cutting Boards to any required linear dimensions. The products are sold by the square foot.

Poly Custom Cutting Boards

Another excellent option that meets the criteria for a high-quality cutting board is Central Plastic’s polyethylene collection. Available in 1”, ¾", and ½” thicknesses, the poly cutting boards are durable, scratch resistant, nonabsorbent, and commercial dishwasher-safe. The boards do not chip, bend, or break and provide a lasting and sanitary solution.

The Poly Cutting Boards are custom-sized to the precise dimensions you may require. Just enter the desired width and length dimensions into your order, and Central Plastic’s technicians will customize your new cutting boards to those dimensions.

Call Central Plastic and Rubber

For more information regarding Central Plastic and Rubber broad array of practical and efficient products including Richlite and Poly Custom Cutting Boards, visit our website. The site provides a catalog of  specialty products and an easy-to-use ordering system.

Also, if you have questions regarding the custom cutting boards or any other products, call Central Plastic at 602.268.6368. The professionals at Central Plastic and Rubber will be pleased to answer your questions and,  if your situation or request is unique, they can discuss collaborating on a new custom solution.