It’s coming up on election season.  Do you have all of your acrylic ballot boxes ready to ship?  Okay, so maybe ballot boxes, such as these, won’t be used in helping to elect our next president, but there are other events where ballot boxes come in handy.


Whether you are raffling off a new car for a big business promotion or a backpack for a local school campaign, raffles can be a perfect event to use a ballot box.  When it’s time to pick the winner, simply unlock the boxes and pull the name of the lucky customer.

Merchandise Giveaways

Merchandise giveaways can be a perfect way to promote a product and boost sales for your business.  You can place the ballot boxes at the cash registers or entrance to your store making them easily accessible to your consumers.  Who doesn’t like a chance to win cool stuff?

Business Card Giveaways

If you or your client has a service related business, a business card giveaway can be a perfect way to find potential new business partners.  You can advertise your business promotion and collect business cards via the acrylic ballot box.  The locked top prevents any business cards from being removed while providing new contacts for your database.


If there is a special cause that your business supports, an acrylic ballot box can be the perfect way to collect funds without your employees having to solicit donations.  You can set up the boxes near cash registers with a sign describing more about the cause your business supports.  Customers can donate if they choose without feeling any pressure to do so.

Suggestion Boxes

Another great way to use a ballot box is in your place of business for solicitation of ideas or suggestion. These can be used to improve the work environment or to provide feedback on you product or service. They are a great way to make your employees or customers feel like they have a say in what you are doing.


While the first thing  you may think of when you see those clear boxes is who you’re going to vote for, there are alternatives.

If you have any questions about other uses for acrylic ballot boxes or you would like to learn more about any of our other products, please feel free to contact Central Plastic and Rubber Co. for more information.