Acrylic display boxes are commonly used to showcase items of considerable value, allowing you to freely examine all sides of the object while protecting your valuables from dust and other outside dangers. While there are many acrylic display box options for common items, such as baseballs and model cars,  you may find yourself in need of a custom solution. 

Measuring Your Display Box

The first step in ordering your very own acrylic display box is deciding how big it needs to be. You will need to provide plenty of space on all sides for the object to fit smoothly in the center without getting caught on the sides. If you are displaying a trophy or other object with a solid base, be sure that you account for any overhang of the object mounted on the base. Typically, you can give yourself an extra inch on either side and 1-2 inches on top to create plenty of cushion. 


Your acrylic display box will be custom cut to your dimensions, and pieced together using seamless technology. This creates a clear outer shell without visible glue lines at the edges. You can choose to have a solid top box made, where the box is simply placed over the object you are displaying on the shelf. On the other hand, you can also choose from boxes with a removable lid or with a sliding cover for access. This is a matter of convenience and detail for you. 

Other Features

Acrylic display boxes also come with a variety of other built in features at your request. You can have a custom colored base made for your box, or add a shelf or stand in the middle. This will help keep your prized possessions organized and properly seated in their display case over time. 

If you are ready to order your custom acrylic display box now, visit Central Plastic online and tell us about the object you are wishing to display. We will be happy to build you the perfect box for your display.