As a professional establishment you appreciate the need to show off your wares to the prospective consumer. What better way to do this than with an acrylic display case, which has all the benefits of glass – but without the detriments? Central Plastic & Rubber is Arizona’s largest supplier of custom rubbers and plastics, and carries a range of acrylic display cases for just this purpose – and any other that suits the demands of your business.

Acrylic Display Case Stand Wall Mount and Shelf Mount

This stand-alone acrylic display case is suitable to be used as a floor display or as a desk display, with its 4 shelves. If you want to attach it to a wall either raised up off the floor, or simply to make it sturdier, there are pre-machined holes in the back for mounting. The dimensions are 5” all around for each shelf, and it has a total height of 20.5”. It’s an excellent size for trophies.

Acrylic Knock Down Display Stands

After assembly, this 4-tier clear acrylic display case stands 10” x 10” x 21” and is circular with multiple sections per tier, per display item.  You could place 4 trophies on each tier, making room for 16 in total – or more, depending on the size and arrangement you choose.

Acrylic Tree Display Stand

The primary difference between this knock down tree display and the previous options is the decreasing size from top to bottom, allowing for unique arrangements of items. The biggest tier is on the bottom, and has dimensions of 12” in diameter; the middle tier is 10” and the smallest top tier is 8”. Although it arrives with parts separated, each piece is notched and slotted for easy assembly.

An acrylic display case is an essential aspect of, in particular, a retail business or food vendor. They can also be used to show off trophies and accomplishments in any kind of company. Give us a call at Central Plastic & Rubber and we can work together to find the one that suits your specifications perfectly.