In the modern era, acrylic fabrication is very important for a wide range of industrial applications, because of the material's versatility, strength, and exceptional ability to withstand the elements better than other clear materials. This makes acrylic the polymer of choice for display cases, acrylic sheets for vehicle windows, and other applications where clarity and impact resistance are important. Central Plastic & Rubber is Arizona’s premier supplier of polymers and rubbers, and specializes in acrylic fabrication for the needs of your business.

Stand-Alone Assembly Acrylic Display Cases

Central Plastic & Rubber specializes in acrylic fabrication, and also has several display cases made from the clear and durable polymer already available. Acrylic does not yellow over time, provides glass-like clarity, and is impact resistance – making it a viable alternative to shatter-prone glass. The relevant slots are pre-machined, so you don’t have to find the proper drill bits for the job yourself. If, after you’ve observed Central Plastic & Rubber’s catalog of acrylic display cases, but don’t find one to your liking, then you can submit a request for one made to your specifications.

Competitive Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Our custom fabrication department has seen request for all manner of acrylic designs. We pride ourselves on delivering for our Arizona clientele over the years. From in-office banners depicting art to tabletop figurines and office drawers. If you can imagine it – we can make it. The efficiency of our manufacturing process means that acrylic fabrication can be carried out for less than our competitors, and the precision of the process allows intimate detail. Check out the Custom Products Gallery on the Central Plastic & Rubber Company website to get an idea of what to expect.

If you are in need of high-quality acrylic constructions of any kind, we have specialists standing by to answer your call. Use our gallery for ideas or send us an entirely new design and we’ll give you a quote and get right to work. Customer service is another one of our hallmarks, because we started out decades ago as a small family run business, and continue to function as a family business – despite our expansion into Arizona’s largest supplier and fabricator of polymers. Let us meet your need for acrylic fabrications. You won’t be disappointed.