Retailers, restauranteurs, bakers, convenience store operators, and others have always struggled with ways to display their desirable products and delicious foods in the best possible manner. Consumer buying choices are driven by visual appeal and placing the products in a transparent setting is essential.

With over fifty years of manufacturing experience, Central Plastic and Rubber of Phoenix has encountered hundreds of interesting challenges and created ideal solutions for their local and national clientele. From acrylic shelving and display cases to cutting boards,  storage containers, sneeze guards, and bin dispensers, Central Plastic provides custom solutions for product presentation challenge.

Many of Central Plastic’s customized products have evolved from specific requests from their valued customers.

Acrylic Shelves

One of Central Plastic’s most important specialty materials are their acrylic shelves and other display products. Acrylics answer all the required challenges of effective food service or a retail display. The necessary qualities are:

  • Transparency
  • Durability
  • Cleaning Ease
  • Versatility

As part of Central Plastic’s FOOD FXTRS® Collection, acrylic shelving and display cases fulfill all of the needed criteria for effective food and other products display.


Consumers are more likely to select food based on what they see. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that people “eat with their eyes” and selections are made based upon their perception of the way something looks. For this reason, food products properly displayed in clean and well-maintained cases, made from transparent acrylic cases and shelving, are important elements of any food presentation.

Central Plastic acrylic shelves and display cases present all types of products in their best possible light.


Busy food service establishments and retail merchandisers must have equipment, displays, and utensils that last and remain like new for a long time. Acrylic materials are extremely durable and keep their like-new appearance for years.

Easy to Clean

Acrylic material does not absorb liquids nor stain as wood and other products do. Acrylics can simply be wiped clean or gently washed in soap and water as needed. No chemicals are required.


Acrylic shelves are not simply for food display. Retailers use high-quality acrylic shelves to show their products clearly and professionally. Shoes, electronics, cosmetics, and other merchandise are frequently displayed on acrylic shelves. Acrylic shelving and containers display products from every angle without detracting from the appearance of the merchandise.

Display Equipment

As part of their portfolio of acrylic products, Central Plastic offers several types of a display products in addition to display shelving. These include:

  • Pastry cases
  • Bins
  • Dispensers
  • Condiment centers

Contact Central Plastic and Rubber

Experienced Central Plastic and Rubber experts are eager to discuss any presentation challenge you may have in your retail or food service venue. Central Plastic has created many solutions to problems presented by their customers through collaboration and experimentation. Engineers at Central Plastic endeavor to find creative and economical answers to all of their customer questions.

For more information regarding Central Plastic and Rubber products, visit their website at or phone 602.268.6368. Any of their representatives will be pleased to speak with you.