Julie is a baker. She wants to display today’s menu choices, but with a bevy of signage materials, sizes and shapes available, which should she choose? Daniel is a school principal. He wants to display signs to direct new parents on Back to School night, but the ones he purchased last year are flimsy, so now he’s searching for a top quality product. Rachel is a scuba diving instructor. She needs sign holders to show students where to pick up their masks and gear.


The List is Endless

There is an endless list of ways people use acrylic sign holders to promote products and provide information. Acrylic sign holders are used across the world in restaurants, hotels, shops, even private residences. Restaurants use them to display daily specials, dessert lists, cocktail options and more. Retail shops use hard plastic acrylic signs to showcase specific merchandise, sales events and more. Realtors use acrylic plastic sign fixtures to promote advertisements and notices. Several companies and organizations use the larger, floor standing and wall mounted fixtures to display large graphics, photos, directions and contact information.

The Choice is Clear

Central Plastic and Rubber Company offers a wide range of acrylic sign holders in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. These signs can be a vital marketing tools. They also add professionalism to any event, from a company-wide gathering to a neighborhood garage sale. Clear acrylic fixtures draw the eye of event attendees more readily than signs without a professional encasement. Clear acrylic fixtures allow messaging to be easily viewed. Whether flat, or angled, they enhance messaging that might otherwise go unnoticed. There are even displays that can mounted on a wall. 

The Price is Right

Many vendors and consumers choose acrylic signage fixtures, not only for their aesthetic quality, but also for their affordability. Acrylic signage is less expensive than metal or wood frames, yet offers the same durability, functionality and professional look. They are easier to clean than wood or metal, making replacement costs minimal.


In Good Company

Central Plastic & Rubber Company has created plastic signs for consumers for nearly half a century. They’ve grown from a small, family firm to Arizona’s largest distributor and fabricator of foam, plastic and rubber. Central Plastic and Rubber Company’s supplies and services national corporations and locally owned business. Their commitment to top notch quality and customer service propels them to success day after day, year after year.