Acrylic Stand 

There are a multitude of ways consumers and business owners can use an acrylic stand to display all types of items. For example, a pastry chef that wants to showcase the delicious goodies she’s baked today needs just the right stand to outfit her shop. Since acrylic stands come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and styles, her choices are as varied as her cupcake flavors.  

A county sports coach that wants to present valuable team trophies in a sophisticated case will need something spacious, strong and durable. Even a scuba instructor will need a secure, stable stand to organize her many brochures and showcase her favorite masks and gear. Each of these examples are real life happy customers of our custom acrylic stands.

From Coast to Coast

Our acrylic stands are used across the world in restaurants, hotels, shops, even private residences. Restaurants from coast to coast use them to showcase desserts, decor, menus and more. Retail shops use hard plastic acrylic stands to display jewelry, shoes, clothing and more. Businesses and realtors use acrylic stands to display large graphics, business cards, important papers and office and kitchen supplies. There are many customers and business models that benefit from the use of our affordable, top notch acrylic stands.


Stand Up

Central Plastic and Rubber Company offers a wide range of acrylic stands in a variety of  thicknesses, styles and shapes. These stands can be vital marketing tools that add professionalism and style to any event, from a company-wide gathering to a neighborhood garage sale. Industry experts report that a clear acrylic stand will draw the eye of patrons more readily than products without a professional stand.


The It Factor

Many vendors and consumers choose acrylic stands not only for their aesthetic quality, but also for their affordability. Acrylic stands are more affordable than polycarbonate, yet they offer superior durability, functionality and professional aesthetics. Plus, acrylic is more crack and scratch resistant than polycarbonate and four to eight times stronger than untempered glass.These factors make it the ideal choice for many uses. 


In Good Company

Central Plastic & Rubber Company has created plastic stands for businesses and consumers for nearly half a century. They’ve grown from a small, family firm to Arizona’s largest plastic fabricator. Their commitment to top notch quality and customer service propels them to success day after day, year after year.