Standing and moving within a confined space for an extended period can become uncomfortable. Working on a  hard, slippery surface can be cause long term health issues that make it difficult to stand or can become a safety hazard. For improved safety and to enhance employee productivity, high-quality, a non-skid vinyl runner will reduce potential problems and improve working conditions in many environments.

Vinyl rubber matting for runners is an ideal material designed to relieve stress and eliminate potential dangerous slippage. These products, custom-made by Central Plastic & Rubber Company in Phoenix, are available in any length and a variety of textures and thicknesses to fit your needs. Noted for their customer satisfaction initiatives, Central Plastic & Rubber has been producing a broad range of problem-solving options for foodservice and other industries for over 60 years. Suppliers to national chains and local "Mom and Pops," Central Plastic's success has evolved from collaborating with different types of clientele to solving specific problems.

Central Plastic's vinyl mattings even meet the high standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 302, the standard required to limit flammability and safety compliance for automobiles and aircraft.

Styles of Vinyl Runner Matting

Central Plastic & Rubber offers five different configurations of vinyl runner mattings, perfect for any application. As part of their Everyday Products line, these popular mats are durable while being oil, grease, and chemical resistant. Not only perfect for foodservice applications, but these materials are also used in many industrial situations.

Improve productivity and eliminate potential injuries by adding these mattings to your operation.

Vinyl runner mattings are available in a width of 48-inches with varying thicknesses and surface textures. The lengths will be custom cut to fit your needs. 

Central Plastic's five styles of vinyl matting are:

  1. Ripple 0.075” Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting: This product has a non-directional textured surface that is highly durable and abrasive resistant. The backing is smooth, designed for many OEM uses, and is easy to clean.
  2. Corrugated 1/8” Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting with V-Groove Surface: This high-quality runner has an angular tooth top pattern and a textured bottom surface. Besides minimizing the potential for slippage, this matting also muffles sound.
  3. Flat-Rib 1/8” Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting: The flat rib surface is perfect for heavy-duty use. The ribbing acts as a scraper to trap debris and water that may accumulate in the work area. Besides creating a sure-footed surface, the matting is easy to clean and comfortable to use.
  4. Pyramid 1/8” Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting; With exceptional slip resistance, the non-directional pyramidal texture assures safer foot traffic and added comfort for extended use.
  5. Diamond Plate 5/16” Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting: With plenty of anti-slip protection, the added thickness of this matting provides additional comfort. The high-profile diamond-patterned surface will sweep clean quickly and is capable of accommodating rolling carts.

For More Information, Contact Central Plastic & Rubber in Phoenix

Visit Central Plastic’s website to view their hundreds of practical and durable products. Or for questions regarding vinyl runner mattings or any other products, call the experts at Central Plastic & Rubber at 602.268.5368. Central’s customer-oriented staff will be pleased to help with any question you may have.