A clean, bright, and clear display case impacts more than the customer's visual impression of products on display. Retailers of all kinds understand that improper presentation may negatively affect consumer attitudes about the business, no matter what the product happens to be.

The challenge of creating a positive presentation is especially important  with food display cases in restaurants and grocery stores where an unappealing appearance can affect the overall impression of the quality and cleanliness of the establishment.

Purpose of a Quality Display Case

Display cases serve a dual purpose. A quality case is intended to attract the consumer’s eye to a particular product while showing it in the most positive light. An appropriate display is also designed to maintain the quality of the product by protecting it from the ambient atmosphere and by limiting human contact.

Importance of an Attractive Display Case for Baked Goods

Impulse is a key driver in many food purchases.  Because of this, the science of presentation has developed around enticing people to see certain products at the right time. Displaying certain products near the check-out in a grocery store is meant to influence shoppers to buy them while they wait in line. Enticing desserts presented in a high quality, well-lighted case lures the hungry consumer to add one more item to their purchase.

An article on the Bake Magazine website, an industry publication, discusses strategies and considerations for proper display management of baked goods.

Keeping products looking fresh often requires adding sophisticated technology  to the display cases.  Elements such as refrigeration, humidity control, and airflow keep products more  fresh longer and salable longer.

Reducing moisture and condensation within the display is a key element.

Different products require different temperature and humidity levels. The ideal settings for bread may differ from ready-to-eat sandwiches when it comes to the food going stale or accumulating moisture.

Tips for Designing Display Cases

  • The physical display case should blend well into the environment, yet highlight the products in order to drive impulse purchases. The display case is not the featured attraction, but is essential in introducing the products while keeping them fresh.
  • The LED lighting within the case should emit a warm white light effect surrounded by a super clean and transparent outer surface.
  • Tiered shelving of clean, clear glass will enhance the visibility of the product allowing the consumer to see the products from different angles, while the shelves give impression that the product is floating on air
  • Adjustable shelving allows for changing displays to present products of different sizes and shapes.
  • End panels with mirrors enhance the beauty of the product and allow the customer to view different perspectives of the products.

Functionality and Placement

The display case should be designed for easy access by the customer or server and  be set up for easy loading. Awkward positioning can cause damage to the product or require more set up time.

Central Plastic and Rubber Display Case

Central Plastic and Rubber Company  produces high-quality display cases in many configurations with front or rear loading access, depending on the serving style you prefer. The company manufactures display cases and other food service implements for national and local accounts throughout the country.

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