Owners of large and small businesses alike have much to gain by investing in weather stripping for all of their exterior doors and windows.  In many applications, rubber weather stripping is the most effective and durable option available. While it usually costs a little more upfront, as compared with foam or vinyl alternatives, rubber weather stripping ultimately more than pays for itself in energy savings as well as providing other important benefits.

Benefits of Weather Stripping

Weather stripping in general can save you 30% to 40% on your heating/cooling bill year round, by eliminating air leaks under door thresholds on all sides and sashes of windows. Rather than raising the thermostat or AC setting to compensate for inefficient doors and windows, or buying new ones when not truly necessary, investing in relatively inexpensive weather stripping is often the best solution.

Weather stripping also helps keep out unwanted insects, dust and dirt the wind might blow in, rain water, and allergens/bacteria. To keep indoor air quality high, keep building occupants healthy and comfortable, and reduce overall building maintenance costs, weather stripping is a must.

Benefits of Rubber Weather Stripping

By far the most popular type of weather stripping used in a commercial setting is rubber weather stripping, of one variety or another. Metal and hard plastics have a place in weather stripping for their strength, but they are lacking in flexibility. Pure rubber materials are sometimes used, but these are rather expensive.

In most applications, a rubber weather strip material that includes numerous special additives but is polymer-based and of a foam consistency is used. Neoprene rubber is commonly included for its combination of stability and flexibility across a wide temperature range. EPDM sponge rubber adds compressibility, and SBR synthetic rubber adds strong abrasion resistance.

An adhesive, self-stick liner will typically be on one side of the rubber weather stripping tape, which makes installation quick and easy. Simply cut the strip to the desired length, remove the liner protector, and apply pressure against a clean, dry surface.

Foam-rubber weather stripping is highly durable, able to stand up against much wear and tear and endure severe temperature changes. The adhesive backing keeps a strong grip while the foam compresses against the opening for a tight seal.

Both weather stripping in general and rubber weather stripping in particular offer many benefits when installed on your business' doors/windows, only requiring a relatively small investment.