Central Plastic & Rubber has done it the old-fashioned way: from the ground-up. From a small business to the premier plastic fabricator in Arizona – in just a single generation. Countless small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large national companies, have depended on the expertise of our specialists when it comes to providing them with application-specific plastics. Our inventory is comprehensive, and customer service is our primary motivation in the interactions we have with you. You can always be certain of the quality of our products.

Custom Fabrication to Your Specifications

As plastic fabricator, one of our most utilized services is custom fabrication of plastic. Over the half-century that we’ve been in business, we’ve designed and implemented custom creations for almost every type of industry. To facilitate the creative process for you, there’s an online catalog from which you can derive ideas before you speak with one of our specialists, and bring your idea one step closer to fruition. Of course, your entirely original ideas are also easily brought to life – without any influence from our catalog.

Advanced Plastic Fabrication

Our experienced machinists are also capable of complex, three-dimensional plastic customization as required to breathe life into your vision. Using CNC Machining, we can create shapes of virtually any complexity, and can assure you that the necessary precision will be met or exceeded in the final product.

Central Plastic & Rubber has been around since the 1960's, serving the residents of Arizona and well beyond in matters of plastic manufacturing and provision of synthetic rubbers. We’re confident that we can accomplish any plastic-related task, or build any such product, that you need. Give one of our specialists a call at your earliest convenience to learn more about what we can do for you.