Plastic, in its many forms, is durable, practical, and less expensive than many of the materials it  has come to replace. Whether for industrial, automotive, medical, aeronautics, foodservice or other applications, this versatile material has become the answer to nearly every challenge.

Central Plastic and Rubber plays a vital role in manufacturing custom plastic solutions for the food service industry. Whether the products are part of their extensive FOOD FIXTRS® line or custom-designed to meet a specific need, each is the perfect solution for preparing and displaying food products to present them in the most appealing manner.

Kitchen and serving items, such as dispensers, trays, and bins, are designed to last a long time while maintaining a like-new appearance.

Easiest to Clean and Sanitize

Food safety is the critical element of food service. Equipment and utensils must protect the food and be easy to clean. Most food borne illness outbreaks have resulted from human contact or improperly cleaned utensils and equipment.  

Custom plastic and acrylic products are easy to maintain. Bins and dispensers, sneeze guards, and condiment centers can be easily cleaned. Richlite and Poly cutting boards are super hard and do not accumulate bacteria as easily as other materials. These can be sanitized far easier than porous materials like wood.

Central Plastic and Rubber’s Specialty Equipment

During their more than half century of business, Central Plastic has evolved from producing a few necessary utensils to offering today’s wide range of custom plastic solutions for every phase of food preparation, display, and service. Central Plastic produces items for nationwide businesses as well as for local operators.

Whether your need is equipment for kitchen and prep utensils or presentation in a cafeteria-style restaurant, bakery or café, Central Plastic provides many custom plastic options in various sizes and configurations.

The FOOD FIXTRS line includes items such as:

  • Pastry Cases
  • Condiment Centers
  • Bins
  • Dispensers
  • Cutting Boards
  • Sheet Trays
  • Dispensers
  • And More

These items are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Display cases may have several shelves to accommodate limited space. These might open from front or back depending on the serving style.

If your situation requires modification or special variation, Central Plastic’s product designers can modify and redesign to fit your particular need.

Solutions for Unique Situations

Every food service concern has its own style and personality. The uniqueness of each one’s ambiance or serving style is intended to differentiate one restaurant from another. As a result, some restaurants and cafes request unique, custom-designed variations of standard equipment or even newer solutions to old methods.

Throughout the company, the Central Plastic and Rubber experts are fully committed to answering the needs of their customers. Not content to simply provide “off-the-rack” solutions, the company is continually working with clients to develop new and unique custom plastic solutions tailored to fit specific and unique applications.

Central Plastic and Rubber is committed to leading the way in innovation and responsiveness. Every product was initially designed for a specific need.

For more information regarding Central Plastic and Rubber Company’s custom plastic product and design capabilities, call 602.268.6368. Or visit Central’s website at