Strategically placing brochures around your showroom is a great way to let visitors know more about your business. Keeping these pamphlets of information neat and organized works the best by using brochure holders and properly placing then in your place of business.

Why Use Brochure Holders?

Stacking brochures on top of one another and putting them down in a pile on a table will look disorganized. You want your business to always be putting forward a professional image, which means staying away from even small blemishes. Especially if the problem can be fixed easily and inexpensively. 

Where to Use a Brochure Holder

Most businesses will place brochures at two primary points for a retail store or showroom. These points are usually near the entrance, either inside a foyer or right next to the door, or you can place brochures on your checkout counter. At some stores, you will find informational pamphlets in both locations, which can usually be split up into store-specific brochures on the counter and brochures for other area businesses or attractions near the door.

A brochure holder on your counter makes it simple to move the brochures around as you need to if you need more counter space, or if a customer has something large they are checking out. A plastic brochure holder keeps everything in one place and gives your customers an easy way to take something along that keeps your business in the front of their mind.

Brochure holders near the door can be the perfect place for other businesses in your area to put their information, which can usually be reciprocated by you putting brochures in their places of business. This area is especially popular with those who are not familiar with the area and may be looking for businesses similar to yours or just for things to do in the area.

If you want to find out more about how brochure holders can make your informational pamphlets look more appealing, give us a call at 602.268.6368.