Nowhere else can the right display trigger impulse purchases more than in restaurants, food retailers, or convenience stores. Proper positioning plus attractive and well-maintained display cases should present appealing products that consumers might not have even considered before entering.

Think of beautifully presented bakery products, properly situated to catch your eye (and your appetite!) as you pass. When placed within multi-tiered, clear display cases, delectable pastries can appear to be floating on air while being protected from airborne bacteria and other atmospheric conditions.

Similarly, clear acrylic bins and dispensers are a terrific way to merchandise such items as bread rolls and bagels by providing a full view of the choices while protecting them from exterior influences.

Point of Purchase Displays

Impulse marketing is not new, of course. But incremental sales can make a significant difference in the bottom line. Grocery stores have been placing last-minute impulse items near their checkout stations for decades. We also notice that even e-commerce giant, Amazon, flashes up photographs of additional products "often purchased" along with your item to entice buyers to add to their original order.

According to a article from January 2016, 5 out of 6 consumers admit to on-site impulse purchases and there purchases are almost always for themselves.

Restaurant and Food Marketing in Retail

Naturally, we consumers wish to see what we are getting before purchasing any food products. Consumers who walk into a restaurant or other foodservice location are likely to be hungry, a point at which they are most susceptible to suggestive marketing and appealing sights and smells. Displaying food products in attractive, sanitary, and transparent cases significantly improves the chance the consumer will select the product. Conversely, a messy, blurred view of food products will undoubtedly turn the consumer away from buying the food or even returning to that establishment.

What to Look for in a Well-Presented Food Display


Clear acrylic shelving on display cases is essential for the consumer to see the products, even in three dimensions, as needed. Transparency allows the light to surround the product without shadows and lets buyers see what they are getting.

Space Efficiency

Cumbersome, wide, and bulky marketing displays use up precious space that can be used to merchandise other products. Vertically oriented display cases with tiered shelving show the products well, particularly at eye level, and occupy minimal floor or counter space.

Easy to Clean and Keep Clean

A spotless appearance is particularly critical when it comes to the display of food products. The cases should be easy to disassemble, wash, and wipe down as needed.


Your presentation may change from day-to-day or week-to-week. Therefore, the display may need to be adjusted to add or remove shelving or to present different sizes of products.

Ideal Solutions

Central Plastic & Rubber produces clear acrylic food and pastry cases that are designed for generating impulse purchases. These 3-, 4-, and 5-tier cases with front or rear loading configurations are perfect for display.

While Central Plastic's classic cookie drawers and multiple types of bin dispensers allow for easy viewing and access.

Central Plastic & Rubber Pastry Display Cases and Dispensers

Central Plastic & Rubber Company has been providing essential marketing and operational supplies to the food service and retail industry for nearly 60 years. Central Plastic has developed hundreds of products suited for food preparation, handling, and presentation for many national chains and local operators. This customer service-oriented company serves restaurants and food retail operations by providing a wide array of practical solutions.

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