Central Plastic & Rubber Company has been satisfying customer needs for nearly 60 years. Whether with their hundreds of versatile products for food service and other industries or providing outsourced production services to fabricate parts and finished products, Central Plastic has the technical capability to handle a broad spectrum of challenges.

Customer collaboration is Central Plastic’s most important asset. The desire to please each customer every day with quality service and cooperation has been an essential value of the company since their beginning.

Today, with state of the art equipment and product knowledge, the professionals at Central Plastics & Rubber Company offer many specialized production services to help customers create high quality and durable end products.

Production Services Offered by Central Plastic and Rubber Company

Many times, companies find that outsourcing some aspects of their production is far more cost-efficient than making a substantial in-house investment to perform the functions themselves. Many phases of production services require specialized, expensive machinery, highly skilled labor, and technical expertise to perform efficiently. Frequently, outsourcing production becomes the best solution.

Central Plastic provides a growing list of production services. As experts in all types of plastic and rubber fabrication, the company has state-of-the-art tools and machines for many kinds of specialty production solutions.

Additional Services Offered by Central Plastic & Rubber

As part of their core business, Central Plastic & Rubber of Phoenix has developed a wide range of shaping, forming, cutting, fabricating, and production solutions to create their extensive range of high-quality FOOD FXTRS®, PAPER FXTRS®, and EVERYDAY PRODUCTS lines. The evolution of their growing business during the past six decades has required Central Plastic to develop the professional expertise and acquire the capital equipment needed to execute many of the production solutions required for their sophisticated product line.

As a result, Central Plastics offers additional production services including:

  • Thermoforming: shaping plastics into a specific mold using heat from a specialized oven, often for samples and prototypes.
  • CNC Machining: highly sophisticated and accurate machining that can replicate complex shapes not possible with manual machining processes.
  • Die Cutting: producing two-dimensional pieces from softer materials such as paper, cardboard, foam, and even sheet plastics using a die cutter.
  • Die-Less Knife Cutting: by using an oscillating knife and computer-controlled machinery, the equipment cuts material in the precise shape of the pattern.
  • Custom Fabrication: following your design or a modified version of one of Central Plastic's designs, the experts at Central Plastic will custom manufacture just about any product.
  • Skiving”: the process of cutting or trimming strips of various materials to create a particular cross section or shape.
  • Water Jet Machining: using computer-aided design (CAD) capability, the process can cut virtually any material with high-speed water jets to fabricate specialty parts. This process is often used for complex cutting patterns or intricate designs.

Central Plastic works with many companies who seek outside production of components using these sophisticated production capabilities.

Contact Central Plastic & Rubber Company

For more information regarding the array of Central Plastic's versatile products and technical services, visit their website. Central Plastic & Rubber professionals will be pleased to work with you to develop the most efficient production methods to produce better, higher quality products for your business. Whether die-cutting individual parts or thermoforming prototypes, Central Plastic has solutions that will save time and money.

The experts at Central Plastic & Rubber Company can offer technical services that will help you to eliminate bottlenecks and facilitate production.Phone Central at (602)-268-6368. Their professionals will be happy to discuss production solutions with you.