Even the smallest welding and soldering jobs can turn into significant fires, damage, or injuries. Any time welding torches and other high heat producing equipment are engaged, the risk of a spreading fire is always present.

Besides exercising extra caution by removing any flammable materials from the immediate location, where possible, and never leaving heat producing tools unattended and turned on, you must make sure that equipment capable of extinguishing flames and flare-ups is nearby. Running away out to locate fire extinguishing equipment after a fire has broken out is a recipe for disaster.

Experienced welders and solderers will never begin a job without donning the necessary protective wear to prevent personal injury to their eyes, hands, and other body parts. But sometimes overconfidence in their skills causes them to start a job without a fire extinguisher on hand. Running away from the scene to retrieve fire prevention equipment has resulted in many destructive fire events. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has reported millions of dollars of damage resulting from thousands of fires caused by hot work errors.

First Safety Rule: Never start a welding, soldering, or brazing job without fire extinguishing equipment on hand (not on the truck or in the garage) to put out any fires that may occur.

Solution: Smart Totes by Central Plastic & Rubber

Recognizing that fire accidents from even the smallest welding and soldering jobs have resulted in massive damage and injuries, Central Plastic has developed an ideal solution to ensure that every hot job worker is fully prepared for any flare-up that may occur. By building portable carrying units, Smart Totes, which hold both the welding or soldering equipment plus fire extinguishing devices, the workers can be fully prepared at the job site.

With Smart Totes, leaving the fire extinguisher “on the truck” should no longer be a problem. An instant response can save lives, property, and reputations.

Smart Totes Models

Central Plastic & Rubber of Phoenix has engineered two models of Smart Tote carriers. These are:

Smart Tote A/ O: This compact tank holder is designed for welders, solderers, and brazers. The system will accommodate your B Tank,  Oxygen tank, regulators, and other accessories including strikers, spare tips, and brazing rods. Of course, the unit accommodates your fire extinguisher, everything in one very portable unit.

Smart Tote B: The Smart Tote Compact B unit is designed to hold a B tank, regulators, accessories, and a fire extinguisher.

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While Central Plastic & Rubber produces hundreds of innovative, problem-solving solutions for several industries, engineering safety is one the company’s primary missions. Smart Totes are designed to save lives and property while making safety an automatic occurrence.

For more information regarding Smart Totes, contanct Central Plastic at call 602-268-6368.