Weather stripping products were designed to seal windows and doorways to prevent the loss of energy and keep a room at the desired temperature. These are installed in homes and commercial buildings to make space comfortable and to keep the temperature of rooms constant.

In restaurants and foodservice, weather stripping improves the function of freezers and walk-in coolers. This maintains a constant temperature to protect food products and keep them fresh. Weather stripping is often applied to food display equipment so perishables continue to maintain their freshness and good looks.

Weather stripping is not only about maintaining a constant temperature. Correctly installed weather stripping  prevents the introduction of moisture which can affect the comfort of a room and compromise the wholesomeness of food products.

Applications for High-Quality Stripping

High-quality weather stripping can be used anywhere that energy loss or moisture penetration may be a problem. No matter how well engineered, gaps often develop between the openings of doors and window frames. When spaces develop, warm or cold air escapes causing units to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Moisture can also penetrate the protected area and cause significant problems.

Buildings and refrigeration units are not the only locations for energy-saving insulating stripping. Automobile doors and windows benefit from the application of stripping to maintain comfortable interiors and keep moisture from penetrating the cabin.

Noise Reduction

 Another advantage of high-quality weather stripping from Central Plastic and Rubber is noise abatement. Sealing spaces around doors and windows will muffle outdoor traffic sounds and help create a quieter environment for homes and businesses.

Central Plastic and Rubber Company Weather Stripping

Central Plastic sells insulating stripping for any application. Our standard products come in a variety of thicknesses and widths.

Central Plastic's stripping thicknesses ranges include 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”.  Each of these can be matched with product widths that include ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”. And 1”. The material is available in rolls so that the length of the strip may be cut to create the precise fit.

Custom Fit Products

Customer service minded Central Plastics and Rubber can get stripping of many other dimensions to meet a specific need. Providing custom-made products for food service or any application is an important part of Central Plastic’s culture of helping their customers meet their own needs.

Central Plastics and Rubber

For a wide range of restaurant supply display cases, utensils, and other plastic and rubber products, contact the service-minded experts at Central Plastics and Rubber. They will be pleased to answer any questions and offer practical and economical solutions for any challenge.

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