No matter what type of business you have, you must provide a place where people can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or at least their morning coffee or tea.

Breakrooms in the Workplace:

Different businesses offer different types of break environments. Some feature full size lunch rooms with beverage and vending machines, plus full kitchens. Others have a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee area for that morning cup of “joe”.  No matter how basic or elaborate, you must provide the basics for staff or guests and keep it looking neatly organized at all times.

The Hospitality Industry Increases Food and Beverage Options:

Today, even the most value-oriented hotel offers at least hot coffee and tea in the morning. Many of the more upscale options, include made-to-order breakfasts and your choice of juice, milk, coffee, or tea.

Along with the food and beverage selections, is the challenge of presentation and keeping these food and beverage items organized, safe from contaminants, and readily available for guests.

Must Have Items for your Lunch Room or Hospitality Areas:

·         Coffee Condiment Centers:  Keep your break/lunch room organized by providing a coffee condiment center with sections for cups, lids, condiments, stir sticks etc. They are easy to fill and keep clean, as well as providing everything you need in one place.

·         Napkins/paper towels/cleaning supplies: These items are necessary to keep the break room clean and sanitary.

Hotels and restaurants have different needs since they catering to the public. In addition to a coffee condiment center, they also need:

·         Sneeze Guards:  If you’re serving buffet style foods, this is a must have to keep the buffet area sanitary.

·         Cookie Drawers and Bulk Bins: If you serve cookies, muffins, bagels, etc., it’s wise to house them in cookie drawers and bins to keep them fresh and safe from “little fingers”.

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