Counter displays make excellent promotional tools for retail businesses because they draw the customers' attention exactly where you want it to go. Here are four top suggestions for how to make the most of counter displays in your store.

Provide Additional Information

Depending on the types of products you sell, you may need to provide more information for your customers. This could include more detailed instructions than those that are included with the products themselves, such as ongoing care and cleaning instructions, background information, or suggestions of other compatible products. The goal is to provide any information that will provide added value for your customers. A counter display will enable you to present all of this information in an organized fashion that is easy for your customers to navigate.

Showcase Products

Some products come in inconveniently small packages, so can often go unnoticed on busy display shelves. If these items are likely to be of great use to your customers, make sure they are easy to see. Counter displays attract more attention, allowing your customers to find the products they are looking for with ease. You can also use counter displays near your checkout counters to encourage impulse purchases.

Offer Samples

If you have just released a new product, providing free samples or enabling your customers to "test-drive" the product can be a great way to raise awareness of your new offerings. Make sure that you have a knowledgeable sales associate stationed near the counter display to answer any questions your customers may have about the product. This strategy is especially useful for products that are completely new or require explanation for your customers to understand their purpose.

Highlight Promotions

When your store is having a major sale or is offering some other kind of promotion, like a buy-one-get-one-free offer, counter displays can describe the details of the promotion. You can also use counter displays to raise awareness of special events coming up in the near future, such as a special guest or live product demonstration. Anything that will get your customers excited to return to your shop can be highlighted on counter displays.

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