For nearly half a century, Central Plastic & Rubber Company, Inc. has relied on unique custom fabrication methods to ensure the delivery of our customers' dependable and reliable consistency of manufacturing materials.

Superior Customized Fabrication Using Unique Manufacturing Techniques

Skiving Precision Foam Sheeting

This custom process of skiving foam or rubber sheeting is the best method of creating consistent thicknesses to our clients' specifications. The machine uses a sharp blade to flawlessly split material thinner parts without a destructive sawing motion that could tear away bits of foam material.

Using solid blocks of foam, or similar material, the material is pushed through rotating drums and past a blade. This results in two sheets with one having a thickness matching the customers required specifications.

A skiving machine looks like a bandsaw lying on its side with the blade cutting in the horizontal plane. Another way to picture it is to think of a cheese cutter removing a thin slice from a larger block of material. This machine is designed to hold very high tolerances and produce thin sheets very quickly. Maintaining tight tolerances assures we can meet our customers’ expectations and that their sheets will be of a consistent thickness.

Computer Numerical Controlled Machining (CNC)

CNC, another highly preferred method of custom fabrication, achieved with the use of computers that precisely control machine tools. The CNC computer software and control console sets our system apart when customizing materials for manufacture.

This process is time efficient and more precise than manual machining. The exact process is repeated over with the same results. Complex shapes/designs are completed through CAD drawing programs using set speeds, tool positions, and feed-rates. CNC machines complete very repetitive tasks with a high-level of precision. This method surpasses any manual machine processes. Our CNC controlled machines include a large CNC router, CNC Panel Saw, Waterjet and a CNC Die-less knife cutting machine.

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming, a Very Customized Method of Fabricating Prototypes

This is one of our specialized methods of fabricating plastic includes the formation of our customers' prototypes, product concepts/samples and short runs of parts. This machine has the capability to form parts using heat, molds and possibly vacuum to draw plastic into a specific shape meeting a customer’s specifications. Our machine has a bed opening of 4 feet by 4 feet and cannot handle many larger parts nor can it be used for very long runs requiring many parts.

 We use thermoforming for many applications, such as food production packaging, medical, and display cases. 

For more information on these manufacturing processes or if you have other questions please contact us. We hope to assist you with your custom fabrication designs. Call Central Plastic & Rubber Co. today, and discuss your ideas at (602) 268-6368.