Rubber and plastic products are utilized in restaurants, food retailers, and other food service venues. Both materials are long-lasting, easy to clean, and versatile. Plastic is everywhere in the kitchens and dining rooms, while rubber products are essential for a wide range of practical applications.

Central Plastic and Rubber is a premium converter and supplier of high-quality plastic and rubber materials for food service and other industries. As a supplier to many nationwide companies as well as individual operator-run businesses, Central employees strive to meet the highest level of customer service.

While plastics are the principal component of their high-quality display cases and serving utensils, Central’s rubber products play an important utilitarian role in many fields.

Custom Rubber Fabrication

During Central Plastic's several decades of customer-focused management, the company has designed rubber-based products that began as a solution for one client’s particular challenge and evolved into an industry-wide standard.

Rubber products play an important role in Central Plastic's Everyday Products line. Whether utilizing fatigue-reducing floor coverings or simply adding weather stripping to eliminate energy loss, the products are essential elements in a food service operation.

Central Plastic and Rubber has a line of useful rubber items for specific uses. It also can create custom products for many specific applications.

Rubber Flooring Products

Central Plastic's vinyl rubber matting products are durable and oil, grease, and chemical resistant. The mats, tiles, and runners are designed to provide soft support for employees while standing up all day on harsh, hard flooring. With high tensile strength, the rolls are 48” wide and come in a variety of thicknesses and non-slip surfaces including:

  • 1/8” thickness with Corrugated surface
  • 1/8” thickness with Wide, Flat Rib surface
  • 1/8” thick Pyramid surface
  • 5/32” thick Diamond Plate surface
  • .075” thick Ripple surface

Solid Rubber Products

Central Plastic offers a range of durable and tough rubber mats and tiles made from the toughest types of rubber. These include EDPM, Neoprene, Nutile/Buna, Silicone, and SBR. Each has qualities that are designed for different situations. Contact Central Plastics for more information.

Foam and Sponge Rubber Products

Central Plastic's foam products are typically used for packaging. These are insulating and protecting food products. Sponge rubber products also have a number of applications for food service.

For custom fabrication with these materials, contact Central at 602.268.6368.

Versatility of Rubber Products

Rubber is a highly versatile product. Natural rubber is derived from the latex of the rubber tree. But, there are several variations of the rubber products, many are synthetic and derived from petroleum refinement and other chemical sources. Elasticity and strength are two of the main assets of rubber-based products.

Central Plastic and Rubber offers a wide range of materials available for custom rubber fabrication for specific needs. These include EDPM, Buna-N, SBR, Silicone, Neoprene, and others. These materials have different capabilities and strengths for various applications. Central Plastic can design custom rubber fabrication for any of your needs.

Contact the Experts at Central Plastic and Rubber

Rubber products, natural and synthetic, have many specific uses. For custom rubber fabrication, contact Central Plastic to discuss your particular need. Our experts can work with you to develop a custom product that will solve just about any challenge. Central Plastic can help to determine what product is best for any specific use.

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