For any cash-flow conscious business, procuring quality products that stand the test of time and repetitive use provide any company with a surplus of cost-saving solutions. Industrial-strength premium grade cutting board material that can be customized to suit the unique needs of your work kitchen benefit you and the consumers you serve. Easy to sanitize, gentle on a knife edge and simple to deep-clean, Central Plastic & Rubber cutting boards possess all the attributes the best cutting boards in the industry display. If you aim to cut unnecessary cost in your kitchen, buying cutting boards that are known for their durability are your ticket to profit. 

Choosing Wisely

Central Plastic & Rubber is a company that caters to your needs and takes pride in producing a high-caliber product line. Whether you decide a poly cutting board is the perfect fit for you or your inclination leans towards the Richlite cutting board option, you can find your best board with the click of a button. Food prep is simple and succinct when you have cutting board material that is stain resistant and sanitize-friendly. Your choice in size and thickness of board can save wasted storage space or enable your employees to handle with ease the messy jobs that are synonymous with food prep. 

Tallying up the Benefits

There is no wrong choice between Poly cutting board material or Richlite. Below are some of the unique properties or characteristics that each material demonstrates. You decide what works for you!

Poly cutting boards- 

  • simple to sanitize
  • dishwasher friendly
  • gets the deep-cleanse sanitizing wash from high temperatures
  • needs only a water and bleach mix for thorough clean
  • gentler on knives


  • has an impressive resume (has been used by the aerospace industry for years)
  • is great for architectural areas, because of it's durable design
  • found its home in commercial kitchen use for over half a century
  • is heat resistant
  • made with a scratch resistant surface

No matter what the job entails, Central Plastic & Rubber will meet your requirements with quality products and first rate customer service.

If you need something a little more custom we can also help. We can cut custom shapes and even include holes. Please contact us and let us know your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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