Whether you are attempting to maintain cold temperatures in a walk-in freezer or refrigerator or hoping to keep a fresh, air-conditioned environment in your facility, gaps and leaks are the worst enemies. Inattention to accessories and procedures designed to preserve temperatures will result in higher energy costs and, in many cases, a shortened life of the cooling unit itself.

Vinyl door strips for freezers and walk-in coolers have long been useful for maintaining temperatures within a cold storage unit. But these receive continual abuse or are frequently placed aside by employees for easier access. The result can a rapid increase in the internal temperature that triggers an energy-sapping recovery cycle by the refrigerating unit.

High-Quality Vinyl Door Strips

Clear vinyl strips are essential energy preservers that act as secondary protection when the door needs to be open for access. Overlapping vinyl strips available in various widths captures cold air while allowing entry and visibility, while minimizing the loss of energy. The strips reduce moisture and dust from entering thereby enhancing food safety. In some instances, the curtains may even provide a noise barrier.

Applications for Clear Vinyl Door Strips

Vinyl strips are useful in any application where maintaining a constant temperature and protecting products and people from a foreign material is vital. These uses are particularly necessary for the food handling arena but are used in other venues as well.

Potential uses include:

  • Refrigerated loading areas
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers
  • Refrigerated delivery trucks
  • Reach-in coolers in grocery stores
  • Animal habitats or zoos where maintaining a constant interior temperature and easy ingress and egress are important
  • Manufacturing plants where contaminants and variable temperatures must be restricted to specific areas
  • Work environments in which the entry of insects, dust, fumes or other unacceptable airborne elements cannot be allowed

While protecting the constancy of required internal temperatures and air purity, vinyl door strips significantly improve the useful working life, frequency of maintenance and repair, and cleanliness of the operating units. Lower energy costs combined with lower equipment costs equal significant cost savings.

Durability and Safety

Vinyl strips can take a beating. Designed to be both a barrier and an entry, these vinyl systems may be accessed hundreds of times during a busy day. Adding to the potential wear-and-tear problem is the tendency for some employees to”prop” the strips open, much like leaving a door ajar. Not only does this cause the refrigeration to work harder and result in substantial energy loss, but the activity puts additional stress on the vinyl door strips and may reduce their useful life and effectiveness. Employee training can reduce the potential for this and improve the money-saving potential.

Since the strips are clear, visibility through the barrier allows individuals to see what is on the other side and can minimize collisions.

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