Equipping Your Self Serve Coffee Center

Self-serve coffee centers are everywhere. Whether the venue is a convenience store, hotel lobby, or office nook, having the right equipment and condiment dispensers will help  keep the space neat and minimize waste.

Managing a coffee center seems like a simple activity. However, without the right equipment and condiment dispensers, the area can become a real mess in a short time. Different sizes of coffee cups and lids, plus various types of sugar and sweetener packets, stirrers, and napkins can become a disorganized mess without proper organization.

Also, keeping the coffee center space from “spilling over into adjacent areas is very important to a retail merchant who must manage space carefully and keep all areas clean.

Coffee Center Organization

Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix specializes in foodservice solutions for difficult challenges. Endeavoring to organize coffee centers has resulted in some creative solutions for different types of space. The central mission of plastic coffee center organizers is to keep the area neat, provide quick recognition and access, and  maintain inventory control. Central Plastic’s innovative coffee center organizers:

  • Keep Things Neat: When every condiment and lid is dispensed from its assigned slot in the self-serve area, the likelihood of pieces being strewn around the area is reduced.
  • Provide Easy Accessibility: WE have all approached a coffee condiment station and wondered where the creamer, sweetener, or stirrer might be. A clear plastic dispenser allows for full view of the individual packets for easy access.
  • Help Maintain Inventory Control: Each time the coffee condiment dispensers are refilled, a finite number of units will be counted and recorded. This record keeps track of quantities used during any time segment.

Coffee Condiment Centers

As part of the Central Plastic & Rubber FOOD FXTRS® product line, the coffee condiment center group consists of designs that are space saving and easy to use. Basic coffee condiment centers, available in black, white, and clear plastic, are configured to accommodate four different cup lid sizes with compartments for condiments like sugar, creamers, and other. The dimensions are a space-saving 16” wide by 26” tall and 1.25” deep. On the top of the unit is a clear plastic index tray that will hold additional condiments.

Central Plastic’s Model SE coffee condiment centers are space efficient and available in black and white. These highly efficient countertop organizers use the same index tray at the top as the other versions, yet provides two lid holders and plenty of compartments for the various condiments. These units are only 9” wide x 17.5” tall x 15” deep.

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