Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix is a world-class fabricator of plastic and rubber products used in a broad spectrum of applications. Central Plastic is a customer service-driven company dedicated to developing solutions for any challenge. In business for nearly six decades, Central Plastic has grown by listening to the challenges their customer base faces and collaborating to create economical products and services that enhance operations and profitability.

To supply their broad range of high-quality finished products to food service and other industries, Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix has done extensive professional design and custom tooling for many types of products.

Die cutting is used to cut large quantities of products into specified shapes. The process can be used with rubber, foam, plastic, fiberboard, cardboard, paper, or even sheet metal depending on the customer’s requirements.

The cost per unit for this service depends mainly on the materials to be cut.

How Die Cutting Works

Die cutting is typically the process of creating shapes from lower-strength materials like plastics, rubber, foil, fiberboard, sheet metal, and more. When the machine presses the die into the softer material, it creates a piece that is precisely the shape of the perimeter of the die. The technology to develop and shape the die requires absolute precision. Computer-aided design (CAD) systems are used extensively to convert 2-dimensional concepts into precisely shaped dies for cutting products. Deviations can be very problematic for the user.

Importance of Die Cutting

Cutting with dies is essential for many types of manufacturing to create consistent final output. The process is vital for paper and cardboard processing, plastics and rubber items, and other kitchen products, toys, automotive parts, and tools. Central Plastics offers die cutting services for specialized pieces required by several outside companies.

In high-speed plastics operations like Central Plastics, the dies ensure that each piece or product component is uniform and that the customer receives the perfect product each time.

 Central Plastic's products have been a result of collaboration with their customers to solve a particular challenge. Sometimes a hand-made mock-up may replicate the desired finish product. Once a custom design has been approved and determined feasible, the necessary die is created to produce the imagined products.

Individual die cuts may form the sides, shelves, or top and bottom of an acrylic display case. Or, die cutting may be used to provide specific shapes cut from vinyl, foam, or sponge rubber products for other applications.

Other Production Services

Central Plastic & Rubber offers other much-needed services. IN addition to custom die production, customer-oriented Central Plastic’s services capabilities also include:

  • Thermoforming
  • CNC Machining
  • Die-less Knife Cutting
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Skiving
  • Water Jet Machining

For Specialized Fabrication, Contact Central Plastic and Rubber Company

Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix offers die cutting services as part of their portfolio of value-added services. Using the process for many of their own products, Central Plastic will gladly work with other companies to produce their much-needed components for their finished products.

For more information regarding die cut services or product information, check out the Central Plastic & Rubber website. While there, browse the hundreds of durable and practical products that Central offers. 

For questions regarding Central Plastic die cutting services and products, phone 602-628-6368.