Expert Fabrication and CNC Machining Phoenix

Since 1960, Central Plastic and Rubber Co. Inc. has been the premier shop for all kinds of plastic and rubber fabrication projects in Phoenix. Thanks to our customer care, state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced and professional staff we are the company you should consider for your next project. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product when it comes to the fabrication of a plastic or rubber part. Many times these pieces are used as part of a finished product your company produces or it may be the entire finished product.

Three Generations of Experience in CNC Machining Phoenix

Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc., a family, owned and operated business, leads the greater Phoenix area in performing precise and flawless manufacturing techniques. We handle both standardized and customized machining projects from a diverse range of customers.

CNC machining should be considered if the project you are looking for needs chamfering, pocketing, counter boring and/or other machining operations that can’t be done using standard cutting equipment.

What separates Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. from other CNC machining Phoenix companies is our unmatched ability to cross an assortment of mediums to produce superior results. Because of the precision we are able to obtain with CNC machining, we can create incredibly complex shapes that are almost impossible to achieve using manual machining. These shapes can easily be replicated over and over to produce as many parts as you need. The staff at Central Plastic and Rubber can also evaluate your parts and create a specific nesting protocol allowing many pieces to be effectively placed in a layout for cutting. This allows for a minimization of waste material and maximizing the cutting time.

Our staff is comprised of highly skilled technicians with a tremendous amount of experience in the production of complex 3-D shapes that we can use to create a prototype of your project to ensure it’s exactly what you have in mind. Whatever plastic or rubber fabrication project you have, rest assured that our crew has the hands-on knowledge and great experience to steer it in the direction it needs to go.

We are continually looking to grow our customer base. Whether you have a one-time plastic or rubber fabrication project or a long-term engagement, we are always ready to help you in the design and manufacturing processes of your project, and we will advise you accordingly every step of the way. For all your CNC machining needs, know that Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. is here to serve you.