As one who depends on attracting customers in order to sell, you know that it is an attractive display that first sells your product before a customer can come in and get it. 

You also want to use displays that you can easily clean and will last for a long time. If you sell sensitive goods like food, your display must also be hygienic for the sake of health and freshness. Apart from maintaining hygiene for the sake of the customers, you are also required to be in compliance with state and federal health standards organizations.

The F107-H-COMBO Pack-Sheet Pan Counter Display

This display tray from Central Plastic & Rubber checks off all the boxes. It comes complete as a combo pack with half sheet counter display, a metal tray, and white tongs. This combo pack has a hinged clear cover to keep food clean while displaying it to customers. The cover makes it's easy to pick out items using the tongs. It's also easy for staff to refill the tray when necessary.

A Guarantee of Quality

For over 50 years, Central Plastic & Rubber Company has been manufacturing quality rubber and plastic products. A family business that is now being run by the third generation, the company has grown from a small business to become the largest plastic and rubber products distrubutor and fabricator in Arizona. Our growth has included diversifying into a range of capabilities that is not matched by any other company in the country. 

We cater to national corporations and restaurants and we ship to customers all around the country. With our dedication and guarantee of quality, we have customers whose loyalty we have retained for years. We are also dedicated to giving our customers the best price possible. 

Order Your F107-H-COMBO Pack-Sheet Pan Counter Display

The F107-H-COMBO Pack-Sheet Pan Counter Display is this month's featured product from Central Plastic & Rubber. If you are still using the old-fashioned tray with a plastic or metal cover or netting, get the tray and style up your display.

Make the most of this month's featured product, the F107-H-COMBO Pack-Sheet Pan Counter Display and place your order today. You can view the product and conveniently place your order online. 

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