Rubber fabrications have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. After the beneficial importance of these materials became known, many have sought out the materials for profitable and informational use. With this in consideration, Central Plastic Co. Inc. has created an excellent platform for corporations who usually have a high demand for foam rubber products.

Types Of Products For Foam Production

Central Plastic Co. Inc. has a variety of customizable options for you. You can use their foam rubber products to help you decide what you need. These materials range from...

-1.5" Thick Recycled PE Foam

-4'' Thick Stratocell S Foam Black or Pink 

-1'' Thick Stratocell H Foam Natural

Advanced Technology

It is imperative to operate with a company that can offer their clientele the optimum amount of service. With advanced tools, Central Plastic Co. Inc. has the ability to create large volumes of product with efficiency and accuracy. As a customer, you are valued and receive the highest attention for your product. By sending in a blueprint of your desired work, experts can then work with you to achieve your goals.

Die Cutting is an excellent technology that is used by Central Plastic Co. Inc. It was specifically built to handle large projects and proves Central Plastic's determination to help you quickly. 

The machine uses fixed blades that help production move swiftly. It helps with a variety of product material, including rubber, foam, and even sheet metal. This means your foam rubber products can be created in great time too.

Help When You Need It

Central Plastic understands that you are very busy. It's important to them that your needs have been met or any questions have been answered. Their contact page is full of multiple options for you to get in touch. Email, fax, and phone number are promptly listed for your convenience. Need to see them in person or send mail? They have their address written for you to utilize. Help is right around the corner when it comes to Central Plastic Co. Inc. Choose your contact option today.