Food service or food preparation for human consumption is all about sanitation and food safety. Using food preparation and display equipment that is easy to clean and durable is the first important step in the prevention of food-borne diseases.

In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile instances of food-borne illness outbreaks in the United States. Many of these problems have been traced to particular restaurants or their food processing facilities. In some cases, the problems stemmed from equipment that was not properly cleaned or handled with utensils that were not the most suitable for safe food handling.

Plastics are the material of choice for many food prep service functions. Most importantly, lightweight and extremely versatile plastic equipment and utensils are easy to thoroughly clean and resist contamination.

Plastic Cutting Boards

For decades, wooden cutting boards were the surface of choice for cutting meat and other food items. More recently, plastic has become far more prevalent. Why is this?

According to a University of Arizona article, while wooden cutting boards may have some antimicrobial qualities, the wood surface traps microorganisms that are almost impossible to remove by rinsing. Organisms that remain embedded become caught up in the wood fibers and can still be present the next time the board is used. These organisms  then mingle with other foods that are being processed and lead to serious foodborne issues.

Plastic cutting boards, on the other hand, are far easier to clean and microorganisms wash away quickly.

In every case, cutting boards should be washed with hot soapy water and a brush after each use.

Plastic Food Shields

Salad bars, cafeterias, and self-serve buffets can be a highly efficient way to serve a wide variety of prepared foods at one time. Sometimes hundreds of diners may pass by during a single meal period. Lawmakers everywhere, recognizing the potential for airborne contamination, have made food shields or sneeze guards mandatory to protect from food contamination from the patrons. Food Service Equipment & Supply (FES) provides clear guidelines for locating, cleaning, and replacing food shields.

Food shields must be durable, perfectly mounted for protection, and totally transparent to allow the patrons full view of the food products. Plastic is by far preferred over glass because of the potential breakage risks inherent in glass.

Plastic Display Equipment

Plastic food prep service equipment and displays are easy-to-clean, attractive, and durable. Transparency is essential when it comes to food presentation. This allows customers to view the product while keeping the food protected from human contact. Plastic food presentation cabinets are ideal for this purpose since the products can be beautifully displayed and arranged for viewing.

The durable plastic display is easy to wash and sanitize for the following day.

Versatile, Durable, Economical, and Sanitary: Central Plastics Food Handling Equipment

The above are only three of the solutions that Central Plastics provides in their FOOD FXTRS® line for  food service customers.

Whether you are engaged in food processing, food packaging or retailing, plastic food handling tools and food prep service equipment are the best answer. As a specialized kitchen equipment fabricator, Central Plastic and Rubber Co. offers high-quality cabinets, display cases, cutting boards, food shields, pastry cases,  bins and dispensers, and more.

Central Plastic has been perfecting plastic kitchen products for three generations, while listening to the needs of their customers and developing high-quality and economical tools and equipment that solve many specific food-related challenges.

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