The most important attributes when selecting the best equipment for the preparation and presentation of quality food products are:

  • Sanitation: easy-to-clean
  • Durability: long-lasting
  • Appearance: clean and inviting
  • Economy: outstanding value

High volume food preparation requires extremely durable and reliable equipment to keep their quality food products clean and consistent. Every utensil and presentation cabinet should reflect the facility’s commitment to sanitation and first-class quality. Damaged utensils and dreary display cases can rapidly diminish customer perception.

Benefits of Plastic, Acrylic, and Rubber Materials for Food Handling

Whether it's use for food preparation, storage, or presentation, the many forms of plastic, acrylics, vinyl, and rubber combine to create the best solutions for nearly every phase of food service. Plastics and acrylic materials are durable and easy to clean. Rubber and plastic utensils are more flexible, lighter in weight, and less damaging to other surfaces than their metal alternatives.

Two essential food products that every restaurant or institutional food product companies utilizes are food display units with sneeze guards and cutting boards.

Appealing Display Cases for Food Products

When food products are presented in a cafeteria-style, buffet, or salad bar display format, the food must be protected by a high-quality, correctly positioned, and easy-to-clean sneeze guard to eliminate exposure from airborne contamination. At the same time, the customer must have a fully unobstructed view of the food selection. High-quality acrylic sneeze guards are the best and safest answer to food presentation.

Glass shields are a poor alternative since broken glass can result in a food product safety calamity.

For displaying pastries, cookies, and other individual items, Central Plastic and Rubber display cases are available with access to the front or back depending on whether the products are self-serve or served by employees. These display units may be transparent on all sides and the top so that customers can view the food products in all their delectable glory.

Kitchen Cutting Boards

Highly durable and easy to clean, Central Plastic's rugged polyurethane cutting boards  are available in three thicknesses: 1”, ¾”,  and  ½”. These high-quality cutting boards are available in any width and length you prefer.

Central Plastic's cutting boards are dishwasher safe and hold up well over the long duration.

Contact Central Plastic and Rubber

Central Plastic and Rubber of Phoenix produces food preparation and presentation products for large national corporations, institutions, hotels, and restaurants, as well as small, locally owned businesses. As experts in plastic and rubber fabrication, Central Plastic has expanded their extensive group of food production and display equipment in their Food Fxtrs® line over the past half-century.

The staff at Central Plastic is committed to quality, competitiveness, and responsiveness. Many of the innovations for food products have been the result of personal collaboration with clients. Seeking solutions for each phase of the industry has been an ongoing objective.

For questions about Central Plastic's excellent Food Fxtrs products, contact the experts at 602.268.6368 or visit their website at The dedicated staff will be pleased to work with you to solve food product issues that you may encounter.