When purchasing a display case or stand you have a particular and simple purpose in mind. You wish to show your products in their best possible light so they can be observed by the maximum number of people. The added exposure should lead to a higher sales volume.

Therefore, the critical elements to achieving your goal are to:

  • Present the product artistically in a clean, non-obstructive case or stand.
  • Position the case and product to optimize the likelihood to attract the highest number of customers.

Whether you are promoting a delicious and elegant dessert or displaying a high-quality wine, the presentation is always a key component.

Essential Elements of an Effective Display


One size does not fit all with display equipment. Depending on the space available and location of the display, you must make sure that the stand or case “fits’ the product. A stand that is too large will seem empty with smaller items. Likewise, a more modest display may not accommodate some products adequately.  You especially do not want  a stand that is obstructive to the normal traffic flow in your establishment.


The design must be appropriate for the products to be presented on it. For food items, cases and stands that are entirely transparent are most useful because these allow the customer to have a 3-dimensional view. When the volume of space is limited, multi-tier display stands can be the best option.

Clear acrylic shelving can evoke an appealing sense that the products are “floating” while allowing an unobstructed view.

 Frosted plastic shelving separates items while allowing light to pass through them and ensure that products at the bottom are as visible as the ones above.

When space is at a minimum, either on the floor or the counter,  some displays are designed in a Lazy Susan-style which allows the unit to be turned manually or rotate automatically to present several items from various angles.

Wall-mounted displays are also effective.


Long-lasting acrylic displays can be disassembled and washed easily, while wooden or composite materials can stain and may be more susceptible to bacteria development. For example, knock-down tree stands, disassemble easily for quick cleaning.


The sales benefits of a beautiful, well-presented display stand or case are lost if the equipment breaks down after a short time. Make sure the strength of the design and materials is sufficient to handle the weight and size of the products displayed and can withstand repeated cleaning. Durable, well-designed plastic display stands and cases are scratch-proof and maintain a like-new appearance through repeated use and cleaning.

Central Plastic & Rubber Company Display Cases

Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix offers an attractive group of display stands and cases as part of their Everyday Products range. Not limited to food products displays, the Central Plastic display products are perfect for many other types of material.

  • Table or Wall-Mounted, 4-Tier clear plastic. Each tier is approximately 5”x5”x5”
  • Free-Standing Knock-Down Tree Display with 3 Round Tiers available in clear or frosted plastic. The tiers are notched and slotted for easy assembly. The tiered shelves come in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.
  • Free Standing Knock Down Tree Display with 4 Round Tiers. Clear plastic tiers are notched and slotted and may configure in a Lazy Susan style.

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