It is no secret that displaying food products in their best possible light is critical to customer choice. Many studies have shown that visual appeal is the primary drive for consumer food selection.

On the other hand, in a cafeteria-style or buffet setting, protecting those exposed foods from airborne bacteria is critical.

The answer in the industry has been to create a clean and transparent barrier that allows foods to be seen while protecting them from human contamination. This is why  Central Plastic and Rubber of Phoenix has developed a range of scientifically designed, acrylic custom sneeze guards to safeguard  food while providing a clean, unobstructed view of  products.

Central Plastic’s custom sneeze guards are perfect for any application and can be configured to any setting.

Types of Sneeze Guards

The primary consideration for selecting a sneeze guard involves an understanding of the method of serving. Central Plastic and Rubber custom acrylic sneeze guards may be mounted on a center post, front post, or rear post.

For example, if a buffet or salad bar is accessible from two sides, then a center or double-sided post is necessary to allow customers to access from either side while the products are protected on both sides.

If the customers access the food from only one side, the rear post configuration will allow for easier access from the front while still protecting the food from above.

In some cases, an employee is serving from the back, yet the customer still needs an unobstructed view to make the selection. A front post configuration can allow a view while customer access can be restricted by an additional transparent panel on the front.

Central Plastic Acrylic Custom Sneeze Guards

Central Plastic offers ten different sneeze guard setups. For special situations, other formats may be custom designed.

The ten current clear acrylic sneeze guard options from Central Plastic and Rubber are:

  • Rear Post Mounted up to 47”
  • Rear Post Mounted 48” o 96”
  • Front Post Mounted up to 47”
  • Front Post Mounted 48” o 96”
  • Front Post Mounted, Full Face Unit up to 47”
  • Front Post Mounted, Full Face Unit 48” up to 96”
  • Front Post Mounted, Full Face with Sides Unit up to 47”
  • Front Post Mounted, Full Face with Sides Unit 48” to 96”
  • Center Post Mounted Double Sneeze Guard up to 47”
  • Center Post Mounted Double Sneeze Guard 48” to 96”

Contact Central Plastic and Rubber

The experts at Central Plastic and Rubber understand the challenges and opportunities of the food service industry. During their more than a half-century of experience, Central Plastics has developed a full line of transparent, durable, and easy to clean acrylic products as part of their FOOD FXTRS® vast catalog of food service products. Collaboration with local and national customers combined with a deep understanding of the needs of the food service industry has led to Central Plastic's creation of a vast array of new products.

For more information regarding acrylic custom sneeze guards or other products, phone Central Plastic and Rubber at 602.268.6368. Or visit the Central Plastic website to view their range of highly efficient products.