Whether it’s hot or cold food, customers want to buy fresh food when they enter the store. Not only does the meat, produce, and dairy have to look scrumptious and delicious for it to entice consumers into buying it. When food looks good, it tastes good. When it looks bad, it ends up in the trash or causes food poisoning.

A top concern of shopkeepers and plastic fabricators is finding ways to reduce the ability of bacteria to grow and multiply on contaminated surfaces. Many forms of bacteria can divide and double their population within less than 30 minutes. With proper care and cleaning, the following plastic products limit bacterial growth which keeps your food looking fresh and safe to eat. 

Display Cases

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee and a fresh donut in the morning. Because everyone's morning is different, that means morning can happen anytime of the day. It also means keeping donuts fresh presents a challenge for bakeries. Fortunately, plastic display cases solve the problem. Transparent and easy to clean, plastic display cases give your customers the opportunity to view, select, and buy the donut that is most appealing to them.

Sneeze Guards

Salad bars and other self-service food cases are magnets for germs. Breathing, coughing, and sneezing can easily spread germs, as customers peruse the items they want to add to their plates. Plastic sneeze guards create a transparent barrier between your food and the biology your customers bring into your storefront.

Poly Cutting Boards

Poly cutting boards feature a non-porous cutting surface that bacteria and germs can't penetrate. This means that they can't linger about festering and waiting to come into contact with the next food item to be cut. Easily cleaned and decontaminated with bleach and a solution of hot water, poly cutting boards ensure that food preparation isn't risky business. 

We encourage you to contact the plastic fabricators at Central Plastic & Rubber Company, Inc. to learn more about our company and the products we offer. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the ideal products for keeping your food products fresh and safe for customers.