An effective and proven problem solver for their diverse portfolio of national and local clients, Central Plastic and Rubber has created a unique line of everyday products intended to address the persistent challenges of serving the public. With Central Plastic's nearly 60 years of experience in producing plastic and rubber products for food service and other industries, many of the products evolved as practical solutions to help businesses improve efficiency, enhance cost-effectiveness, and become better at serving their customers.

Central Plastic and Rubber’s Everyday Product line is made up of solutions made from vinyl, rubber, foam rubber, and a range of other plastic components that reduce energy costs, create efficiency, enhance safety, and present food products in the best possible light.

Central Plastic's Everyday Product categories include:

  • Weather stripping products
  • Vinyl rubber matting products
  • Smart totes
  • Foam products
  • Solid rubber products
  • Sponge rubber products
  • Various plastic products
  • Vinyl door strips
  • Display cases and stands

Smart Totes

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, NFPA, fire departments reported 5,230 fire incidents resulting from welding, soldering, and brazing in 2012. OSHA now requires that fire extinguishing equipment is readily available in case of fires arising from work of this nature.

One ingenious solution created by Central Plastic and Rubber is their line of Smart Totes. These portable carrying systems provide a means for integrating the appropriate fire extinguisher into the same carrier along with the welding, soldering, and brazing equipment and its attachments. By unitizing the entire equipment group, the combustion that may flare up during a welding job can be quickly extinguished by the adjacent fire extinguisher. Without these carriers, welders and solderers can leave the fire extinguisher behind on truck or elsewhere when working. A delay in extinguishing a flash fire can be extremely costly and even life-threatening.

Smart Totes come in two versions: the Smart Tote A/O and the Smart Tote B. The A/O model is specifically designed with compartments for the fire extinguisher, B tanks, oxygen tanks, regulators, striker, additional tips and brazing rod.

The smaller Smart Tote B model holds the fire extinguisher, B tanks, regulators, striker, brazing rod, and spare tips.

Vinyl Rubber Matting Products

Central Plastic and Rubber provides an extensive line of vinyl rubber matting products. These materials are resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals. Rolls are 48” wide and can be cut to any length to match your need.

The Runner Mattings are available in five different designs for different applications.

  • 0.075 Ripple Dimex Viny
  • 1/8” Corrugated/V-Groove Dimex Vinyl
  • 1/8” Flat Rib Dimex Vinyl
  • 1/8” Pyramid Dymex Vinyl
  • 5/32” Diamond Plate Dimex Vinyl

Contact Central Plastic and Rubber to identify the right matting runners for your needs.

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