If you are searching for cost-effective products to help your business function at its highest level, acquiring an industrial-strength large cutting board is the obvious and profitable choice. While some cutting boards are made of wood or even glass, a cutting board created from more durable, knife-friendly material provides you with a way to ensure your utensils and your profit continues to last. Boards that reject odor and are resistant to cracking ensure your investment holds its value over time. Longevity is always the precursor to sustainable profit.

The Sturdier Solution

Wood and glass cutting boards offer only temporary benefits. In a business where durability in product negates expensive replacement cost, utilizing a large cutting board made of Richlite or Poly material can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. Here are a few the reasons why many commercial kitchens choose a Richlite or Poly large cutting board over any other styles:

  • Less-likely to get gouged with knife cuts
  • Resists clinging odors
  • Kinder to knives (harder surfaces cause knives to dull)
  • Richlite specifically is an easier material to repair if scratched
  • Poly cutting boards are more resistant to bacteria
  • Both have heat-resistant properties

Perhaps one of the most undervalued and most functional tools in the kitchen, a high-quality large cutting board offers sanitary prep options for health conscientious business owners, employees and those they offer services to. If you decide you need a reliable and bacteria resistant option at your prep station, invest in a Richlite or Poly cutting board. Discover for yourself how the purchase of one top-performing product can equate to a better return in profit today!