Lid holders are essential elements of any operation that sells drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, water, or juices to go. These must provide clear visibility of the contents, easy accessibility, and be easy to clean. Lid holders or dispensers should be economical and space efficient.

Central Plastic and Rubber of Phoenix is a leading producer of lid and straw dispensers for the restaurant and convenience store industries. Since more quick service restaurants have gravitated to self-pour drink stations, the demand for easy-access high-quality lid holders has increased.

Central Plastic’s line of Food Fixtrs® includes a range of drink lid and dome holders to accommodate just about any range of products,

Lid Holders from Central Plastic

Central Plastic offers a range of economical drink lid holders for various sizes of hot drinks, like coffee or tea, as well as fountain products. Depending on the variety and number of cup sizes offered, a corresponding lid should be readily available.

In many cases, cup producers have designed their products to reduce the number of lid sizes so that a single sized lid or dome can fit both 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. This reduces the number of lid SKUs, as well as the number of slots needed to dispense lids.

Choosing the Right of Holder for Your Business

Having the correctly configured drink or dome holder is the key. While it may be better to have too many slots for holding drink lids than too few, it is also important to optimize tight spaces. Central Plastic and Rubber lid holders are simple and compact, easy to access, durable, and easy to clean, 

Drink lid holders, whether mounted or free standing, do not have to be complicated. The customer should not spend time fumbling for the right lid. Central Plastics lid and dome holders are designed for easy access to prevent bottlenecks near the coffee bar or drink station.

Choice of Types and Models of Lid Holders

Central Plastic’s drink lids and domes are available in a variety of types and configurations. You can select from clear, black, or white holders to conform with your décor.

The four-slot lid holder, with or without a straw holder attached, is popular for soft drink lids. The dimensions are 22” wide, 8” high, and 5” deep. The four lid slot diameters start with small and progress to medium, large, and larger.

The coffee lid holder is also four slots and has dimensions of 15.5” wide, 7” high, and 4”deep. This standard set, in black, white, or clear plastic, comes with a top tray for condiments or stir sticks.

For limited space or offerings, Central Plastic produces a single tower, which is perfect for cups or lids. The tower stands 18.675” in height, 5.125” wide and 8.5” deep.

Available also are simple countertop lid holders perfect for just two sizes of lids.

Dome Lid Holder

Dome lids are also an important part of food service. These are frequently used for ice cream and whipped cream-topped drinks. Central Plastic’s space-saving solutions are their left and right mounted dome lid holders that can be mounted easily on the side of a soft serve or milkshake machine for easy access.

Straw Dispensers

Central Plastic’s straw dispensers are also available in black, white, and clear. The types of straw dispensers available are gravity-fed and sized for 8” or 10” straws or stacked for a combination of both.

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