For food service and many other industries, high-quality plastic products have become essential elements for many businesses. Over the past several decades, quality plastics have replaced glass and metal for many purposes. Durability, appearance, and less weight have given plastic the advantage over previously used materials. Witness the automobile industry where plastic components have replaced metal and glass for many key features.

In food service, plastics and rubber are the most important materials. Whether used for food handling, preparation, storage, or presentation, plastic materials are an integral part of the business. The reasons are clear. Plastic food service products are:

  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Light-weight
  • Attractive
  • Easy-to-clean

For the food service plastic manufacturer and supplier, products can often be modified or specially designed for specific uses. A quality plastic manufacturer with corporate commitment to customer care will often collaborate with customers to fabricate just about any solution.

Central Plastic and Rubber Company of Phoenix

Central Plastics and Rubber, a leading plastic manufacturer, has long been committed to serving their customers with the right products at a competitive price. Whether the client is a large national chain or a single proprietor business, Central Plastics  strives to maintain a close relationship based on great service, close attention, and creative collaboration.

“Service” is more than just a word for Central Plastic and Rubber. The entire staff of this plastic manufacturer is aware that their success depends on finding solutions to customer challenges and ensuring that the quality, price, and timeliness is on target. While Central Plastic is recognized as the most successful and efficient plastic manufacturer in their industry, and continually strive to be the best.

Central Plastic and Rubber Products Line

FOOD FXTRS®: To accommodate a wide range of food service establishments. Central Plastics has created a specialized line for practical, versatile, and economical solutions for nearly every phase of the business. Food FXTRS items include:

  • Pastry Cases
  • Bins and Dispensers
  • Cutting Boards
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Sheet Trays
  • Lid and Straw Holders
  • Bag Holders
  • Coffee and Condiment Centers
  • And more

These products are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and are perfect for any type of restaurant, C-store, or other venue.

PAPER FXTRS®: Branching out into other areas, though still applicable for food service, Central Plastic's  PAPER FXTRS line of products are designed for the office, convention, restaurant, and many other venues. These high-quality items are intended to present an excellent first impression while keeping everything well organized.

  • Brochures Holders
  • Sign Holders
  • Business Card Holders
  • Ballot Boxes and Risers
  • And more

EVERYDAY PRODUCTS: Central Plastic and Rubber’s EVERYDAY PRODUCTS are those singular items that have practical value and serve many types of functions in your business. The list of items is extensive but includes necessary high-quality items such as:

For a Solution, Contact Central Plastic and Rubber Company in Phoenix

The list of Central Plastic's solutions is extensive. Almost without exception, Central Plastic has a solution for operational or handling challenges in food service. Visit the Central Plastic and Rubber website at or phone 602.268.6368. If your challenge can be solved with one of their existing products, no problem.

If you have a unique challenge, talk with one of Central Plastic's experts to see if Central Plastic can custom design and produce a product that solves your situation.