All bakers know that presentation is one of the critical components of their business. The most beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries in the world pale when presented in a worn, scratched, or unappetizing setting. Rolls and bagels that are offered in an unsanitary looking case are likely to remain there until the end of the day.

Beautiful bakery products are the result of hard work and genuine artistry. What a shame it is to place these out for customer inspection only to realize  the manner of presentation is creating a negative impression of the products and, naturally, your establishment.

When in the kitchen, having the best easy-to-clean and durable plastic containers, utensils, and trays assures the best results.

Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix offers many options to facilitate the preparation of baked goods and promote an appetizing presentation of your baked goods. As part of their FOOD FXTRS® specialized line food products, Central Plastic has addressed nearly every phase of foodservice.  Baking with high quality and sanitation-oriented equipment and baking supplies.

Bakery Equipment

For nearly 60 years, Central Plastic & Rubber has developed and perfected an extensive range of products and baking supplies to support the foodservice industry. From individual utensils to state-of-the-art display cases, Central Plastic's products are designed to produce and market the highest quality food products. The central theme of their product range is sanitation in preparation and handling as well as a professional presentation that spotlights the positive attributes of all products.

As part of their FOOD FXTRS segment, Central Plastic offers baking supplies that are explicitly designed for baking and baked goods display. These are:

  • Pastry Cases
  • Bins and Dispensers
  • Sheet trays and accessories

Pastry Cases

Central Plastic's  pastry cases can be configured to match whichever style of service you use. All cases are produced from clear acrylic that gives the products a “floating in space” appearance and a 3-D view of your items. Some units are built with front-loading capability for customer access while others are accessed from the rear for employee loading and unloading. Each access door is spring-loaded to eliminate unnecessary intrusion by airborne material or insects.

Pastry cases may be 3,4, or 5-tiered depending on the number and variety of products to be displayed.

Bins and Dispensers

Central Plastic offers a wide range of containers and dispensers among their baking supplies. One item, the FF108 Cookie Drawer is a clear 3-drawer display that shows the cookies from every angle and allows for easy access without disturbing the others.

Central Plastic also produces bulk bin merchandisers of various sizes that are perfect for displaying rolls and buns in bulk.

Big Bin Counter dispensers are great merchandisers for impulse buys. These countertop baked goods display cases present baked goods in the best possible light while allowing for easy access. The countertop displays come in four compartments and are available in white, black, or transparent.

Sheet Trays and Accessories

For handling and display, Central Plastic offers an array of sheet pans and accessories. Cooling trays are available in metal or acrylic in full or half-tray sizes. Also, you may select a sheet pan counter display case which protects baked product while on display.

Central Plastic also produces sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic serving tongs used by the customer or server to select products.


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