Neoprene Sheets

In 1930, a group of scientists, innovators and thinkers put their heads together to create what is now one of the largest used manufacturing and consumer materials on the planet: Neoprene. Neoprene’s uses are diverse: from laptop sleeves to electrical insulation to scuba diving wetsuits and more. Our custom neoprene sheets provide a wide range of customers with a top quality product that they can use to fulfill their needs.


Are You Strong Enough?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that is popular because of its strong resistance to chemicals and ozone. It was originally created to be a more oil-resistant form of rubber, but it's many other properties helped to propel its popularity. From its ability to keep out chemicals, water and air to its ability to withstand high solar rays and ozone, neoprene is a valuable material for many reasons. It is also durable and soft, making an ideal material for padding and reinforcement. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s even fire resistant.


Many Uses

What is neoprene used for? Virtually anything and everything. It’s versatility allows it to be customized by weight and thickness, depending on its use. Even if you didn’t realize it, you probably come into contact with a neoprene object every day. Its waterproof attributes make it ideal for insulating beverages and lining the interior of many shoes. Plus, its soft padding, lightweight feel, and sleek, sheet-like design makes it ideal for mousepads and protective sleeves for electronic equipment and fragile objects. Even the medical field embraces the use of neoprene with athletic supports and braces, as well as bandages and medical equipment. Since it’s a foam and rubber product, it insulates efficiently, making it a good choice for electrical insulators and weather stripping. With neoprene sheets, the material can be customized to fit your needs and product specifications.  


In Good Company

Central Plastic & Rubber Company has created top notch products for consumers for nearly half a century. They’ve grown from a small, family firm to Arizona’s largest plastics and rubber fabricator. Their top notch neoprene products are made to withstand the toughest elements. Central Plastic and Rubber Company is a locally owned business in Phoenix Arizona. Their commitment to top notch quality and customer service propels them to success day after day, year after year.