Central Plastic and Rubber manufactures and supplies equipment and utensils for an entire range of state-of-the-art food service applications for preparing, presenting, and serving food and beverages. In addition to an array of attractive and practical equipment, such as acrylic cutting boards, pastry cases, sneeze guards, sheet trays, straw/condiment dispensers, Central Plastic's customers enjoy a wide selection of plastic supplies and accessories.

These items are specially designed to help your facility look better and run smoother.

Keep Your Stainless, Acrylic, and Glass Sparkling with Brillianize

 Food service businesses are brimming with plastic, stainless steel, glass, and other shiny surfaces. When these surfaces become dull, the atmosphere of the entire room fades. Brighten every surface with Brillianize, a 100% non-toxic surface cleaner designed to preserve and protect plastic, Formica, stainless steel, plexiglass, chrome, and all other hard shiny surfaces. Brillianize is easy-to-use and packaged in a one-gallon container or 8 oz and 32 oz spray bottles.

Door and Cabinet Hinges, Catches and Hasps

Busy work areas can definitely take a beating. Whether you're replacing a cabinet or simply repairing one, Central Plastic supplies the right hardware for the right fix.

  • Acrylic 2-piece Door Catch Sets Width 1 3/8”; Depth 73/93”; Height 3/8.”
  • Clear Acrylic Hasp Sets
  • Piano Hinges, Clear 12” Long8-oz bottles.
  • Hinges 2” Clear or Black Acrylic
  • Bumpons, Self-adhesive bumper feet to protect surfaces
  • Keyhole Acrylic Glue-ons

Novus Scratch Removers

Repair surface scratches as soon as they appear. Novus 2 and Novus 3 scratch removers remove the damage quickly and buffs away easily to restore the natural finish. Use Novus 3 for heavier scratches, then finish with Novus 2. Both come in 8-oz bottles.

The Plasticator Bottle and Replacement

For edge bonding acrylic materials, the plasticator bottle has a needle applicator for precision bonding using plastic solvent cement. Replacement caps and needles are available.

Spinner Lazy Susans

For rotating condiment choices or other items, Central Plastic produces 4 ¼” diameter acrylic compact Lazy Susans. These are available in white, black, and clear.

Stabond Rubber Adhesive and Stick-It Foam Spray Adhesive

A durable rubber adhesive and sealant, Stabond is available in gallons, quarts, and 16-oz. cans. This powerful product should be used in well-ventilated areas.

Stick-It High-Strength Foam Spray Adhesive comes in a 17-oz spray can and dries fast and clear, leaving a permanent bond.

Weld-On Bonding Cements

Weld-On 16 is a high-strength acrylic bonding cement. Clear and medium-bodied, Weld-On 16 is available in 1.5-oz or 5-oz tubes.

Weld-On 2007 is a thin, fast-setting cement for bonding PVC and foamed PVC.  The product is packaged in one-gallon cans.

Weld-On 3 is a thinner, fast setting adhesive for acrylics and other plastics including styrene, butyrate, and polycarbonate. Weld-On 3 comes in 4-oz, single pint, and one-gallon containers.

Weld-On 4 is a thin, somewhat slower setting adhesive. The product is non-flammable and bonds with acrylics and other plastics.

ZEP 40 Spray Can Cleaner

Cleaning is a never-ending responsibility in food service. With Central Plastic's  heavy aerosol ZEP 40, grease, smears, and fingerprints easily disappear. Use ZEP 40 for refrigerators, display cases, soft drink machines, countertops, and more. ZEP 40 solvents, agents, and ammonia quickly cut through grease and grime. The product comes in a 1lb. 6.5 oz can.

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For six decades, Central Plastic and Rubber has been a leader and innovator in creating practical, versatile, and durable products for the food service industry. Check out the Central Plastic website at https://www.centralplastic.com/ or call  602.268.6368 for more information to allow a Central Plastic expert to help you with plastic supplies choices.