Neoprene is a synthetic type of rubber, which is composed of polymerized chloroprene (also known as Polychloroprene). Neoprene foam sheets possess a number of desirable qualities, such as water and oil resistant; chemical inertness, thermal and solvent resistant, which make it a suitable choice for use in a number of applications. Also, this synthetic rubber is durable, flexible and very resistant to breakdown caused by water and compression. 

Neoprene foam sheets have a unique molecular structure which causes water and air to become isolated once they come into contact with this material. For this reason, they are used in making wetsuits and diving suits.  This material is also used in making seats, shoe soles and also in acoustic noise blocking due to its resilient nature. 

This synthetic rubber is also comfortable making it an ideal choice for making various kinds of clothing, waders, bicycle seats and more. Neoprene foam sheets are usually insulated making them great for making mouse pads, knee and elbow pads (used in sports), sports gloves, can holders, orthopedic braces and even neoprene covered poker tables. 

A balanced combination of neoprene properties

Neoprene material has a number of unique properties which makes it a desirable choice for thousands of different applications.  Here is a look at a balanced combination of these properties: 

•    Neoprene performs well when they come into contact with a wide range of chemicals and oils
•    This synthetic rubber material is resistant to degradation caused by the weather, sun, and ozone.
•    Neoprene foam sheets have outstanding physical toughness.
•    This material remains useful even when subjected to a wide range of different temperatures.
•    Neoprene is highly resistant to damage resulting from twisting and flexing. 

Neoprene polychloroprene has been the ideal choice material in a broad industry spectrum, for more than 70 years. Originally, this very versatile synthetic rubber was created to be an oil-resistant alternative for natural rubber, but its wide range of properties made it the ideal choice for various uses. The properties of neoprene foam sheets can help you determine whether or not it is the ideal choice for your type of application. 

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We also have EDPM, Nitrile/Buna, Solid Silicone and even Solid SBR with a cloth insert, if Neoprene is not the solid rubber material you are looking for.

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