Neoprene rubber is a product with many cross-industry applications, particularly because of the many physical advantages it has over the materials that were previously used in those same industries. The compounds that comprise it meet flame-toxicity requirements, as well as toxic gas generation and surface flammability – making them safe for nearly any activity.

Central Plastic & Rubber specializes in fabricating neoprene rubber for both consumer and industrial applications and is Arizona’s largest supplier. We have sheets of a variety of thicknesses for any application, so  the stack you get always meets product specifications. You can also acquire some Stabond glue to help bond the rubber. We sell by the quart and gallon.

Rubber Sheets

There are 1” thick neoprene rubber Black 50-60 Duro rolls available. It has excellent weathering performance and stands up well to ozone in the environment. This synthetic rubber works very well for applications outside your warehouse or office. Central Plastic and Rubber also sells ¾” thick Black 50-60 Duro neoprene rubber, ½” thick, 3/8” thick, ¼” thick, 3/16” thick, 1/8” thick and even 3/32” thick synthetic rubber.  You don’t have to artificially size them to your specifications. We do the work for you in-house and sell as-is.

Common Applications of Neoprene Rubber

This synthetic rubber is used in the wire and cable industries for jacketing in heavy duty cables, as the workhorse material in conveyor belts and more. It is valued because of its resistance to heat when compared to regular rubber and its general resistance to chemicals, ozone and adverse weather conditions.

In the construction industry, neoprene’s advantages over natural rubber come to the fore once again. In particular, the high tensile strength and resistance to compression support many applications that would otherwise be virtually impossible to perform.

Here at Central Plastic & Rubber Co, we’re happy to serve the residents of Arizona for all their plastic and rubber needs. We’ve been at it for decades now, growing from a small  business to the largest rubber distribution and fabrication company in the state. Drop us a line at your convenience. Our experienced staff can help you with anything related to our products and services.