Central Plastic and Rubber Company produces and markets high-quality, ingenious solutions for nearly every aspect of the food service business. While their broad range of utensils, display cases, and dispensers are designed to present and serve products to the customer in the most appetizing manner, other solutions are designed to keep everything in an orderly and easy-to-find location.

For example, at drink stations, well-designed lid and straw holders allow easy access for the customer, while keeping the area from becoming messy and unsightly.  Central Plastic and Rubber Company can custom design and produce organizing products for specific applications.

Central Plastic's organization products are designed to:

  • Keep food and service products sanitary
  • Maintain tidy service areas
  • Provide a maximum number of offerings in minimal space
  • Help maintain proper inventory control

Food FXTRS® Organization 

The Food FXTRS category of products includes organizers that are designed to keep order, maintaining tight inventory controls.

These items include:

Coffee Condiment Centers: With a choice of five available designs or customized for your volume and offerings, Central Plastic’s coffee condiment centers provide everything within easy reach of consumer's’ fingertips. A great space saver. The centers keep everything in place.

Bins and Dispensers: Depending on the products offered, Central Plastic produces easy-to-access and high-quality bulk merchandising dispensers. Gravity dispensers are perfect for rolls and bagels, while cookie drawer dispensers keep products fresh and sanitary.

Bag Holders: Bag areas can become messy and unsightly without the proper organization. Central Plastic's bag holders are available in two configurations in colors of black, white, and clear.  

Sheet Trays and Dispensers: Sheet trays are an essential holding and display component for many food service operations. In addition to full and half sheet pan counter displays in metal, clear acrylic, and white, Central Plastic offers black and white tong sets for serving.

Lid and Straw Holders: For the cold or hot drink stations, an attractive and versatile variety of sizes of black, white, and clear lid and straw dispensers will keep your drink neat and manage your inventory properly.

Paper FXTRS® Category

Brochure and Sign Holders: Daily specials and other information can be attractively displayed with a selection of twelve vertical and horizontal holders. These come in a range of sizes to match your needs.

Business Card Holders: Displaying business cards so  customers can take them for future reference is always a good idea. Don’t just lay a pile of them on the counter or desk hoping they will stay neatly stacked. These clear acrylic business card holders come in designs which include horizontal or vertical freestanding or others that can be mounted.

Everyday Products

Display Cases and Stands: Whether you are displaying food items, advertising materials, or merchandise, a clean and attractive, clear display case or stand will feature the products prominently, while enhancing their appearance.  Display stands can be floor standing or wall-mounted and come in clear acrylic in a wide range of configurations.

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