Richlite plastic boards make the perfect cutting surface in commercial food preparation areas. But, the smooth, durable surfaces of these 1/2" thick boards have applications that extend into the marine and aerospace industries and also make them excellent when used as an outdoor skate ramp surface or in architectural environments.

Plastic Boards Sold by the Square Foot

For the purposes of versatility, all plastic cutting boards are sold by the square foot so you can choose the ideal size to meet your needs. Although the name may seem deceptive, these plastic boards are just as ideally suitable in applications outside of the food industry as they are in commercial kitchens. Made from a high performance material known as Richlite, the surface is smooth, durable and very dense. Richlite is resistant to scratching, heat, and staining.

At its Best in the Architectural Field

When Richlite plastic boards are used in the architectural field, they experience very little abuse and are able to maintain their attractive appearance for an extended period of time. They can be used to create long cantilevers and span large gaps due to their strength and custom sizes that are cut to order.    

Decades of Use in Commercial Kitchens

For more than 50 years, Richlite cutting boards have provided the food industry with sanitary food preparation surfaces of any desired size. From small portable cutting boards to table tops designed for professional chefs, they help simplify work within the commercial food industry through the production of high quality products

Preferred for Outdoor Skate Ramps

For more than a decade, Richlite boards have been popular as a surface material for outdoor skating ramps. As cities recognize the need for the youth of the area to have safe, healthy activities to engage in, more skate ramps are being built, further increasing the popularity of Richlite plastic boards. 

Service to Meet All Your Plastic and Rubber Needs     

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