Many of us don’t think about the importance of plastic and rubber products until we need them. Just take a look around your home, office, or business and you will be amazed by how many everyday items are made from plastic. Everything from totes that store your holiday decorations and sneeze guards at your favorite buffet to plastic card holders—whether at home, work, dining or enjoying a night on the town, things would be very different if we didn't have the benefits of plastic products.

Plastic, Acrylic and Rubber – Critical for the Restaurant Industry:

Certain industries rely on fabricated plastic, rubber, and acrylic items more than others. The restaurant industry, for example, utilizes a wide range of products that are components of plastic. Some examples include:

  • Coffee and condiment centers
  • Bins and dispensers
  • Buffet sneeze guards
  • Display and pastry cases
  • Straws and lid holders
  • Poly and Richlite Cutting Boards
  • Sheet trays and a variety of other restaurant accessories
  • To go menu and plastic card holders

Plastic Holders:

What office or business doesn’t need items to keep them organized? Here are a few items a typical office can’t do without:

  • Brochure and sign holders
  • Ballot and other types of acrylic boxes
  • Plastic card holders
  • Desk organizers

Everyday Household Items:

Here are just another example of all the household items that we use day after day, which are made from plastic or rubber:

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