You’re well versed in customers making impulse buys when they’re preparing to checkout.  What makes them decide to buy?  One factor is a great looking display.  Using the right plastic display stands and these tips, your customers won’t be able to resist popping a few items into their cart before they leave the store.

Eye Catching Designs

Catch your customer’s attention with your display.  If there’s a holiday around the corner, be sure to incorporate that into your theme.  Use inspiration from your overall product offerings as a guide.  Are you a sporting goods store?  Miniature footballs and basketballs might be the perfect addition.  A candy store?  How about children’s hand prints. Use plastic display stands as a part of your design.  They are perfect for holding your items without distracting from the product.

Display a Sign

Let your sign do the selling for you.  For example, are you running a drug store?  Remind customers to “grab your cough drops before heading out!”

Select an Inexpensive Item

Choose an inexpensive, full-priced item.  This is an impulse buy so customers won’t be thinking about whether they have a coupon for their purchase or about getting a discount.  However, if you make the item too expensive, they won’t justify the quick purchase.

Appeal to the Masses

You’ll want to choose an item that appeals to the majority of people in order maximize your sales.  While men’s razor blades might look great on a display, you’ve only reached a portion of your potential market.

Keep It Fresh

Change your display often.  Every two weeks or so would be ideal.  You don’t want your customers to begin taking your display for granted. Update it for the new season or promote often to keep your buyers coming back for more.

Having a great checkout counter display can be an easy way for you to make some last minute sales and  leave a good final impression on your consumers.  They’ll be happy to pick up something new each and every time.

If you have any questions about these display tips or other display options for your space, please feel free to contact us for more information.  Our customer service agents look forward to meeting all of your display needs.