Central Plastic & Rubber Co. has handled a large number of clients since their beginning in 1960. Experience can't be bought, and this is a trait this company has. They offer you plastic and rubber fabrications with years of quality. It takes this experience and expertise to appropriately supply many customers. Since their establishment, Central Plastic & Rubber Co. has become the largest plastic and rubber fabrications company in Arizona. For any business to accomplish this success, they simply have to be the best.

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic and rubber are useful materials for your project. Whether it be a prototype or a bulk order, the efficiency and strength of plastic and rubber can yield many benefits for your company. These are some of the popular materials for plastic product options. 


-Clear Acrylic

For a shiny effect, you may enjoy clear acrylic. It has the aesthetically pleasing quality for your product since it provides a scratch resistant surface, but isn't considered the strongest of materials for plastic fabrication. 

-Clear Polycarbonate (Lexan)

A durable material, polycarbonate can be found in fish tanks. It is more expensive than acrylic, but this is because it is 200 times stronger than untempered glass. If you need a solid color for your product, you may find use in Polycarbonate 713 Gray. 


Customer Care

A company should always adhere to the client's needs.  This is why Central Plastic & Rubber Co. has been so successful. The material, dimensions, and quantity are some of the factors that you should consider when preparing to purchase your design. Contacting Central Plastic & Rubber Co. can help you determine the best material for your products efficiency. For this reason, Central Plastic & Rubber Co. has a "Request for Quote" button option instead of an "Add to Cart" button.

The Request for Quote Button was added to the site because the ultimate size and weight of the product is not known until the customer gives the specific order requirements. This button does allow Central Plastic to determine the shipping costs and transportation method for the finial shipping size and weight. Thanks to a responsive team of experts, you can seek advice by contacting Central Plastic & Rubber Co. 

For all of your plastic and rubber product needs, contact Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Their experience and expertise can guide you to the best results. Plastic fabrication is made accessible by the professionals at Central Plastic & Rubber Co.