Plastic- The Unbreakable Profit Solution

Products that exude longevity lower business costs. The longer a product continues to maintain its form and usefulness the less money you spend on early replacement. Plastic products offer businesses durability and multi-purpose functionality. They bring you investment security with materials that withstand the test of time. How can you find that perfect material to revitalize and represent the face of your business? There are plastic products available that can safe-guard your bottom-line. 

Optimizing on Options

Plastic materials efficiently serve any company's unique needs. Because high-quality plastics attend to a multitude of heavy-duty tasks within the daily running of a business, the versatility potential they offer is difficult to tally. Here are some high-quality plastic material options Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. produces to help your company's daily grind run a little smoother:

  • ABS (available in black and white)
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Clear Polycarbonate/Lexan
  • Extruded Clear Acrylic (comes in black or white)
  • Polycarbonate 713 (color gray)

Product descriptions:

ABS sheets are a general purpose plastic material that comes in a variety of thicknesses and is utilized in aircraft interior trim, tote bins and/or trays, automotive parts, luggage and much more. The material reacts well to thermoforming, such as when used to reproduce mold details.

Clear Acrylic withstands numerous scratches and is 4 to 8 times stronger than untempered glass. It is used in animal enclosures, product displays, storm window layering and even in the hockey arena. Clear acrylic mirrors are shatter-proof. Their high-end finishes make an aesthetically pleasing statement to your buyers.

Clear Polycarbonate (Lexan) is a heat-resistant, impact resistant, industrial grade material. Around 200 times stronger than untempered glass, it is used for machine guards, helmet visors, racing car windows.  When laminated it is effectively used in bullet-proof barriers. Utilized in flat-formed or vacuum applications, utilitarian uses are definitely this material's "speed." 

Extruded Acrylic is more rigid than Polycarbonate. This lightweight plastic product is approved as a usable safety glaze material and can withstand more impact than glass.

Polycarbonate 713 is all about the color. If you need gray Polycarbonate, 713 is the specific color of Polycarbonate you can use in interior storm window layers, animal enclosures or in color specific display cases.

Choose the type of plastic that best suits your specific needs! Reap the benefits of using high-quality material! Discover what customization options are available to you at today!