From polycarbonate to acrylic, you may notice that plastic supplies are used everywhere and every day. But with a plastics-saturated market, finding quality can be a challenge. Central Plastic and Rubber Company rises to the call with a diversified range of top notch products.


Polycarbonate Power

The Captain America of the plastic supplies world, polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than untempered glass. It’s more expensive than acrylic due to its high impact and crack resistance. It is typically used for race car windows, sports helmet visors, and even for bullet proof barriers. Its super strength makes it an ideal plastic for a variety of heavy duty purposes. Central Plastic and Rubber Company has sheets of various thicknesses of clear and solid grey polycarbonate. Each product can be customized for your manufacturing needs.


Acrylic Action

Acrylic can’t boast the indestructibility of polycarbonate, but its value lies in other attributes. It is still 4 to 8 times stronger than untempered glass. Although not as strong as polycarbonate, it is more scratch resistant and shinier. It’s also less expensive than polycarbonate. This makes acrylic an ideal choice for fish tanks, retail displays, the interior layer of storm windows, and even ice skating rink glass. Central Plastic and Rubber Company produces sheets of various thicknesses of clear, solid black and solid white acrylic. They can be customized for your manufacturing needs.


Plastics Makes Perfect

Central Plastics and Rubber responded to a need in the marketplace for higher quality plastics display stands. They’ve created tiered stand alone and wall-mounted options using heavy duty acrylic. They’ve also designed a wide variety of durable, attractive food fixtures. Pastry cases, straw holders, coffee condiment centers, and lid, straw and bag holders are customized for premium market specifications. No restaurant is complete without their durable, easy to clean polycarbonate cutting boards. Central Plastics and Rubber also manufactures a wide variety of paper fixtures used in retail and office spaces around the world. They produce sign and brochure holders, ballot boxes, business card holders and more.

In Good Company

Year after year, decade after decade, businesses turn to Central Plastic and Rubber Company for their plastic supplies. Customers range from large national corporations to small local merchants. Central Plastics and Rubber Company is proud that so many of their customers have become lifelong clients and friends. Their family-owned business aims for stellar customer service and client satisfaction.